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The 35 Best Board Games in History. Updated for 2020!

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On this occasion, we have decided to bring you a list of the Top 35 Board Games in History, revised for this 2020.

We know that there are already many articles that talk about board games, but we have decided to analyze this list one by one, play them and check by ourselves which is the place they deserve.

You will find a mix of classic games, as well as games that you will surely not be familiar with, so we hope that you can at least discover a new board game that you have never heard of before.

And we, as lovers of board games, dedicate this article to you from the beginning to the end, so that you can get to know all of the greatest board games.

This way you will find that your days are full of adrenaline, suspense, challenges, laughter, cheating, and fun.

So without further ado, let’s start with the list of the best board games that will make 2020 the best year of your life.

The Best Board Games. The Ultimate Ranking!

Keep in mind that in this ranking, none of the games have a clear order, so we recommend that you read the list all the way through the end.

Here you will find classic board games, but also very new board games, which you may not have heard of.

Libellud Dixit original - Juego de mesa, Edición 2019
Devir - Catan, juego de mesa - Idioma castellano (BGCATAN)
Edge Entertainment - Ciudadelas, Juego de mesa (EEWRCI01)
Hasbro Gaming- Risk Gaming Clasico Juego de Mesa, Multicolor, Miscelanea (B7404105)
Zygomatic Castronegro-Nueva Edición-¡Descubre a los Hombres Lobo Antes de Que te den Caza, Color (ASMWER01ES)
Deja volar tu imaginación a través de cartas oníricas que exprimirán tu creatividad e imaginación.
Un juego apasionante donde tendrás que construír, comerciar y colonizar. Recomendado para grupos de hasta 6 personas
Adopta roles ambientados en la Edad Media para conseguir construir distritos antes que tus rivales
Combate con tus tropas y conquista el mundo antes que lo hagan tus amigos.
En esta apacible villa ha llegado una maldición, y los hombres lobo salen a la noche a comer aldeanos. ¡Derrótalos para ganar la partida!
3.301 Opiniones
2.868 Opiniones
106 Opiniones
762 Opiniones
172 Opiniones
De 3 a 6 jugadores
De 3 a 4 jugadores
De 2 a 7 jugadores
De 2 a 6 jugadores
De 8 hasta 18 jugadores
Libellud Dixit original - Juego de mesa, Edición 2019
Deja volar tu imaginación a través de cartas oníricas que exprimirán tu creatividad e imaginación.
3.301 Opiniones
De 3 a 6 jugadores
Devir - Catan, juego de mesa - Idioma castellano (BGCATAN)
Un juego apasionante donde tendrás que construír, comerciar y colonizar. Recomendado para grupos de hasta 6 personas
2.868 Opiniones
De 3 a 4 jugadores
Edge Entertainment - Ciudadelas, Juego de mesa (EEWRCI01)
Adopta roles ambientados en la Edad Media para conseguir construir distritos antes que tus rivales
106 Opiniones
De 2 a 7 jugadores
Hasbro Gaming- Risk Gaming Clasico Juego de Mesa, Multicolor, Miscelanea (B7404105)
Combate con tus tropas y conquista el mundo antes que lo hagan tus amigos.
762 Opiniones
De 2 a 6 jugadores
Zygomatic Castronegro-Nueva Edición-¡Descubre a los Hombres Lobo Antes de Que te den Caza, Color (ASMWER01ES)
En esta apacible villa ha llegado una maldición, y los hombres lobo salen a la noche a comer aldeanos. ¡Derrótalos para ganar la partida!
172 Opiniones
De 8 hasta 18 jugadores

1) Dixit ‚Äď The Power of Imagination

In this game, you will have to test your narrative skills because here the most important thing is not what you say but how you say it.
And you’ll have to be very smart in order to not be too obvious, but not too complex either. The goal is simple.

In the Dixit cards, you will find different drawings that can be interpreted in a thousand ways. And the storyteller will have to give a title to the card he chooses, while the rest of the players will have to guess it until the most creative and intuitive one gets more points and becomes the master of the stories.

Libellud DIX01 Dixit Expansion Board Game
  • para 3-6 jugadores.
  • juego de cartas humor√≠stica con un mont√≥n de narraci√≥n imaginativa
  • juego de cartas humor√≠stica con un mont√≥n de narraci√≥n imaginativa
  • 84 nuevas cartas, 6 piezas de juego en 6 colores diferentes.
  • Los estilos pueden variar

2) Settlers of Catan ‚Äď Build, trade and settle

This game, also known as ‚ÄúCatan‚ÄĚ, was designed for players over 10 years old and lasts approximately 75 minutes, making it ideal for an entire afternoon of entertainment and fun!

In Catan, each player represents a colonizer, and the goal of the player is to become the supreme conqueror by obtaining resources and placing your colonies in strategic locations.

To play Catan you will need all your attention, as the game board changes as the game progresses.

You will need to be very astute and strategic to be the greatest colonizer of all your friends!

It’s a classic of classics, and that’s why we’ve decided to put it on number 2.

3) Citadels ‚Äď A hidden role-playing game for the greedy ones

In third place is Citadels, a game for 2 to 8 players, from 10 years old and with an estimated duration of 1 hour.

To play it, you will have to be more ambitious than anyone else, because being strategic and deceiving your opponents will make you rich and will blow up your opponents’ plans.

Besides, the ideal is to play it among several friends to have a better experience. At the beginning of each turn, you will choose a role that will have a defined power.

The goal is to raise at least 8 districts before the others to come out as the winner of the game.

Are you willing to step into each character’s shoes? Will you be the king, the thief, the merchant, or perhaps the powerful and feared assassin?

Fantasy Flight Games ffgwr02 Citadels 2016 Edition
  • Esquema de trama, enga√Īar, y como usted construye excelentes ciudades en citadels, Bruno Faidutti del cl√°sico juego de tarjeta redacci√≥n, intriga y astuto caracteres.
  • En la ciudad de citadels, dos a ocho los jugadores deben shrewdly proyecto de personajes y utilizar sus habilidades para crear el mejor posible.
  • 2¬†a 8¬†jugadores
  • Edades 10¬†+
  • 30¬†a 60¬†minutos tiempo de juego

4) Carcassone ‚Äď Conquer the city

If you like Settlers of Catan, you’re gonna love this game.
This game is based on a city in the south of France, we will have to build a medieval city from its foundations, laying bricks and getting builders. To do this you will need to get followers, who will be the ones to help you perform all the necessary actions to develop your city and become the winner of the game.

Juego de mesa Carcassonne (idioma espa√Īol no garantizado) - Idioma en Ingl√©s
  • The classic award-winning game is back with a whole new look
  • Entirely redesigned and modernized, this edition includes two expansions: The River and the Abbot
  • Ages 7+
  • 2 to 5 players
  • 35 minute playing time

5) 7 Wonders ‚Äď Review the Universal History

The game is based on ancient times and the different eras mankind has gone through.
Time moves on and the eras follow one another, so to win we must become strong and conquer our enemy’s territory.

For this, we will have a board, science pieces (also important to win the game), wonders and coins.

Designed for children over 10 years old, this is an ideal game to play with the youngest members of the household and teach them about the origins of humanity.

Asmodee 7 Wonders - Juego de Mesa (en inglés)
  • Para 3-7 jugadores
  • El tiempo de juego de 30 minutos
  • 7 maravillas es un juego simple y adictivo para toda la familia
  • En 30 minutos se puede levantar una civilizaci√≥n completa y construir las m√°s grandes maravillas del mundo

6) Azul ‚Äď Show off the artist in you!

Azul is a real beauty, made with a wonderful aesthetic taste and has an impeccable design, which is always a plus!

In this game, we will be an artist who has to recreate for the King of Portugal the beauty he found after his visit to Granada.

We are in front of one of the most canonical games of the last times, winner of prizes like ‚Äúthe game of the year in Germany‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúthe game of the year in Spain‚ÄĚ.

Nominated as ‚ÄúGame of the Year‚ÄĚ in Spain and Germany, Azul is an abstract game that will blow you away!

So the idea is that between you and 1 or 3 other players, you bring out your artistic skills and try to recreate for the president the beauties he found during his visit.

In the end, the one who manages to fill in one of the rows on the board will win, but always following the rules.

Plan B Games PBG40020 Azul Juego de Tablero
2.486 Opiniones
Plan B Games PBG40020 Azul Juego de Tablero
  • Azul te invita a un artesano de azulejos para decorar las paredes del rey de Evora.
  • Dise√Īado por el galardonado coche de juego Michael Kiesling mundialmente reconocido.
  • De 2 a 4 jugadores.
  • El juego dura entre 30 y 40 minutos.
  • Para ni√Īos a partir de 8 a√Īos.

7) Hive ‚Äď Buzzing a strategy one!

Hive is a game with a fascinating dynamic designed to play with your best friend or partner.

In Hive we find a mixture of tactics a little similar to chess or Chinese checkers, but with only 11 white and 11 black pieces on its beautiful board.

The first thing you have to do is start moving 7 of your pieces that move differently. And you will be the champion when you have managed to move around your opponent’s central piece, i.e. the queen bee.

If you want to show your opponent your strategic skills, the best way to do it is to play Hive!

8) Virus ‚Äď Save them all!

In this game of life and death, you will become a superhero since a hospital called ‚ÄúOur Lady of Tranjis‚ÄĚ is in red alert because a virus has spread all over the world and only you can save it.

Your task will be to fight very bravely against the illness and be the first one to exterminate the virus, managing to set aside a totally healthy body to get rid of terrible affections.

9) Dobble ‚Äď Prueba tu agilidad mental

Here the bravest and fastest will take victory at Spot it. The card and symbols game, where the exact images are identified to be the winner.

All the cards are designed in a special way. Only one symbol on one card is repeated on the other cards. Your goal is to find, as quickly as possible, the symbol that is repeated.

So if you want to test your mental agility and your friends’. What are you waiting for to play Spot it?

10) Sushi Go Party ‚Äď A delicious game!

If you are a fan of oriental food the experience you will have with this game will be truly exquisite.

Here you will have to get points with sushi combos that you can customize by choosing the carte from a menu. You’ll have to be very strategic in every round, since, together with your up to 8 players, you’ll have to be able to make the menu with more points will be the one who wins.

Juego de Mesa Sushi go, el Juego de Robar y Pasar, de Gameright
  • Este juego refuerza probabilidad, el pensamiento estrat√©gico y la discriminaci√≥n visual.
  • Un fant√°stico juego basado en el manejo de las cartas en mano.
  • Ilustraciones vibrantes y divertidas.
  • Tiempo de juego de alrededor de 15¬†minutos.
  • 2-5 jugadores.

11) Chess-A Classic among the classics

This is undoubtedly a true classic that even if we reach a very distant future we will not stop playing it. Ideal for playing with another person as strategic and patient as you.

The board will become your battlefield, where you will compete with your opponent using your 16 pieces. Each of these pieces has a different movement, which will force you to think about what you should do best at each moment.

In addition, there are hundreds of different chess pieces, from special editions like Harry Potter to collector’s pieces like Bauhaus chess

12) Dead of Winter ‚Äď A legendary Battle For Surviving

The time has come to resist in an apocalyptic and frozen context, full of zombies. In this war-game you will understand the importance of teamwork; because it will be dispensable to work together to solve problems, like finding food and supplies, besides the fact that you will have to defend yourselves together from the attacks of the enemy and above all, survive.

So, do you accept the challenge?

Plaid Hat Games - Juego de Miniatura, de 2 a 5 Jugadores (PHGDOW001) (versión en inglés)
  • juego de mesa con las siguientes caracter√≠sticas:
  • Tu art√≠culo favorito de EMP!
  • Merch para fans y divertido
  • Tu nuevo merchandising favorito

13) Smartphone Inc ‚Äď A Game for Entrepreneurs

You’re a techie? Well, congratulations because this is the world of the millennials!

In this game, you will have to follow Steve Jobs’ steps, because your mission if you decide to accept it is to develop your own global network of offices in telecommunications and beat your competition.

The goal of this Eurogame is that each player will have to design their own strategy for expansion, production, sales, and pricing. And if you manage to be the one who earns the most money, you will become the best entrepreneur of all times.

This game is no longer available in Amazon, but you can find it on Ebay.

14) Jungle Speed ‚Äď Agility will be your greatest power

For this game, we recommend that you choose between 2 to 10 of your fastest friends because it will be more thrilling that way.

The idea is to place your cards that have different types of figures on the table and as soon as one of your cards is the same as your friends’, you will have to catch the totem that will be in the center before the others to avoid taking more chips. But watch out for special cards!

If you are not quick enough, you could be the last one. So you’ll have to be the fastest to run out of cards and finally enjoy a juicy victory.

15) Taboo ‚Äď Becoming the most ingenious

This game is ideal to spend a fun time in teams of 2 or more participants.
Here each player must manage to get his partner to guess the word before the time is up. So your creativity in giving clues will play a key role during the process of the game as the team with the most hits will be the winner.

Hasbro Gaming - Juego de mesa Tab√ļ (285 A4626) (versi√≥n en ingl√©s)
8.764 Opiniones
Hasbro Gaming - Juego de mesa Tab√ļ (285 A4626) (versi√≥n en ingl√©s)
  • Juego de adultos
  • El juego de la diversi√≥n indescriptible!
  • Cinco maneras emocionantes para jugar: el doble de su tiempo adivinando, elija su adivinador, y m√°s
  • La cubierta cuenta con m√°s de 1.000 palabras actualizados para adivinar
  • Edad 12 +

16) Clue: Who, where, and how did they die?

Would you like to be part of a team of investigators to solve a murder? Then get your notebook and pen, because you’re going to become the new Sherlock Holmes.

The idea is to visit every room in the mansion where a murder has taken place and make possible accusations that will lead you to the final clue.

Finally, if you manage to get the letters (murderer, object, and place) in the envelope of truth right, you will become the most astute and respected inspector of your friends.

17) Monopoly ‚Äď Being rich has never been easier

Wouldn’t you like to own a lot of hotels and houses? Well, with Monopoly, one of the most played games since 50 years ago, you will be able to show your skills doing business by buying and selling in the most strategic way. This way you will be able to keep most of the properties and become the master of the trade.

Monopoly Classic Juego de Mesa en Idioma inglés
  • Compre, venda, sue√Īa y planea su camino a las riquezas
  • Los jugadores compran, venden y comercian para ganar
  • Construir casas y hoteles en sus propiedades y bancarrota a sus oponentes para ganar todo
  • Las cartas del pecho de la oportunidad y de la comunidad pueden cambiar todo
  • Incluye gameboard, 8 fichas, 28 cartas de escritura de t√≠tulo, 16 tarjetas de oportunidad, 16 cartas de pecho comunitario, 32 casas, 12 hoteles, 2 dados, paquete de dinero y gu√≠a de juego

18) Scrabble ‚Äď Let‚Äôs CreateWords

Do you think you’re good at thinking and forming words? Well, with Scrabble you will have the opportunity to show others your talent for organizing different words in the shortest time possible.

So don’t hesitate to get 2-4 of your mind-sharp friends together to make the game more exciting.

The one who is most skilled at composing and making words will be the winner!

19) Trivial Pursuit ‚Äď How Much do you Know?

This game is dedicated to all lovers of the overall culture. So if you are one of the wisest and most curious people in the world , let’s play Trivial!

The first thing you need to do is to roll the dice to advance through the board, and then answer what you are asked. If you get it right, you keep moving forward.

The goal of Trivial is very simple, and it is that you will have to get the ¨chips ¨of each type (sports, entertainment, science…) to win the game.

And when you do, move to the center of the board to get the final question right and win the game.

Become the most knowledgeable of your friends with Trivial.

Hasbro - Trivial Pursuit Master Edition (en inglés)
  • Nuevo temporizador significa m√°s r√°pido ritmo
  • Con m√°s de 3000¬†fascinante, nuevo desafiantes preguntas que voluntad challenge incluso la savviest reproductor de Trivial Pursuit.
  • Para los aficionados al trivia que ama a mostrar c√≥mo Smart son.
  • 2-6 jugadores
  • A partir de 14 a√Īos.

20) Risk- To the Conquest of the World!

In this exciting board game, your goal is to conquer the world. To do so, your armies will have to fight, but beware, this game it’s not only about fighting.

The first thing you have to do is to gather 5 of your most competitive friends and each of them will have to choose the army of the color they like best.

During the game, you will have to attack your opponents and defend yourself from them. So you’ll have to give your ability to create alliances and be strategic in order to keep all the territories and be the new champion.

Make strategic decisions and become the new Napoleon Bonaparte.

21) Bingo ‚Äď Sing bingo before anyone else

Who has never played Bingo?

This is and will definitely be a game to have a lot of fun with several of your friends.
Bingo has a fun and simple dynamic that consists of writing down all the numbers and letters in each column that the guide announces. And if you are the first one to complete your sheet, shout out Bingo! to become the winner.

Falomir- Bingo XXL Juego De Mesa, Multicolor, Talla √önica (23030)
518 Opiniones
Falomir- Bingo XXL Juego De Mesa, Multicolor, Talla √önica (23030)
  • El juego de siempre en gran formato
  • Bolas imborrables
  • Bombo autom√°tico
  • Kit para jugar al bingo
  • Compuesto por bombo, 90 n√ļmeros y 48 cartones

And here you have the perfect edition to keep for a long time in the family! Deluxe bingo edition!

MR CHIPS Juego de bingo profesional con jaula de acero para bingo, bolas de bingo de 7/8 pulgadas, 18 tarjetas de bingo y 300 fichas de bingo, color negro misterioso
  • Juego de bingo de calidad premium: obtienes una jaula de bingo de acero inoxidable profesional, bolas de bingo de 7/8 pulgadas con tablero maestro de bingo resistente, 300 fichas de bingo de pl√°stico y 18 tarjetas de bingo reutilizables. Recibir√°s lo que pagas: materiales de calidad y construcci√≥n. Satisfacci√≥n garantizada. Este juego de bingo es tan impresionante que querr√°s mantenerlo durante generaciones
  • Bolas de bingo duraderas: bolas de bingo de 5 colores de 7/8 pulgadas con las letras y n√ļmeros m√°s grandes del mercado. Nuestras bolas de bingo patentadas son resistentes a los ara√Īazos y a la decoloraci√≥n y est√°n dise√Īadas sin esas molestas ventanas de magnizaci√≥n abovedadas que causan deslumbramiento, con frecuencia se caen y se cubren de ara√Īazos despu√©s de solo unos pocos usos
  • Pies de protecci√≥n antideslizantes: pies de silicona antideslizantes √ļnicos que estabilizan la jaula de bingo y proporcionan un escudo protector contra ara√Īazos y rozaduras en cualquier superficie. No tendr√°s que utilizar pa√Īos u otros topes para proteger tus muebles. Tan resistente y estable, no necesitar√°s sujetar o sujetar la jaula para girarla
  • Estructura duradera: el pestillo de puerta en forma de arco proporciona un funcionamiento seguro pero f√°cil con una sola mano. El dise√Īo mejorado evita que las bolas de bingo escapen durante el uso. A diferencia de los receptores de bolas de pl√°stico baratos que se rompen f√°cilmente, esta jaula de bingo est√° equipada con una taza de bola de aleaci√≥n de aluminio s√≥lida y pesada. Sentir√°s la diferencia
  • Mango ergon√≥mico: el c√≥modo mango ergon√≥mico de agarre suave cuenta con un dise√Īo reforzado que no se retuerce. El mango est√° hecho de silicona, que dura m√°s tiempo y resiste mejor el calor y el fr√≠o que el pl√°stico. Adem√°s, nuestro mango est√° grabado con nuestro feliz lema "La vida es un juego. ¬°Juega! Y nos recuerda que debemos divertirnos

22) UNO ‚Äď Challenge your friends

Challenges, laughter, color changes…

All this and much more you could find at UNO. Ideal for playing with 2 to 9 of your best friends. The dynamics of the game are very simple, and your objective will be to run out of cards and sing ¬°UNO! when you only have one card.

But how do you do it?

You will need to be very focused on your friends‚Äô game and throw cards that match the color or number in play. But watch out, because the color won‚Äôt always be the same and your opponents might make you ‚ÄúEAT‚ÄĚ some cards.

So if you want to spend an afternoon laughing, don’t hesitate to buy a deck of this cheap and fun game.

Bulex Mattel UNO: Juego de cartas cl√°sico UNO, divertido juego de cartas
  • Uno es el cl√°sico juego de cartas familiar que es f√°cil de aprender y tan divertido de jugar. En una carrera para agotar tu mano, combina una de tus cartas con la carta actual que se muestra en la parte superior de la baraja por color o n√ļmero
  • Estrategia para derrotar a tu competencia con tarjetas de acci√≥n especiales como Skips, reversas, dibuja dos y comodines que cambian de color. Cuando est√°s en una tarjeta, no te olvides de gritar UNO.
  • Material: papel recubierto de PVC.
  • Una tarjeta viene con instrucciones que son ideales para almacenamiento y viajes, perfecto para adultos y juegos familiares, divertirse.
  • Soporte: Una vez que el pedido sea realizado, vamos a organizar la entrega lo antes posible, tomar√° 7-13 d√≠as para llegar. Te prometemos que si no est√°s satisfecho con nuestros productos, puedes devolver por un reembolso en un plazo de 30 d√≠as. Si tiene alguna pregunta, p√≥ngase en contacto con nosotros.

23) Bean Boozled ‚Äď Un juego muy dulce y repugnante

Have you ever heard of Russian roulette? In this game, a bullet is loaded into a gun and participants pray that it won’t touch them.

In Bean Boozled, it’s similar, since in this roulette you can be lucky enough to get a very sweet candy, but you can also end up eating others with a disgusting taste.

And here lies the charm of this game

It is as fun as simple because once you turn the wheel you will spend the afternoon full of laughter at the sight of your friends’ faces when they try a rotten egg flavored rookie. And best of all, you never know which one you’re going to get.

Do you dare to try it?

24) Twister ‚Äď Your body has never been like this.

In this game, your feet could be very close to a friend’s face, or perhaps the arm of one of them could be under your back and you will have to hold on as long as possible without falling.

So try not to get too carried away because you might lose! Spin the wheel, think about your position, and put your hand or leg on the color of the Twister mat.
Bear your weight and perhaps your friends’ and you’ll be the one to stand until victory.

25) Camel Up ‚Äď Let the camels run!

Do you like racing? Then with Camel Up, you will find the most insane and fun race of all times!

In Camel Up, the pyramids could turn around and the camels would go crazy climbing on top of each other. So to become the most successful Egyptian trader in history you’ll have to earn money in all sorts of ways, from cheering for the camel you think will be the winner to betting on the last one to arrive.

Plan B Games PBGESG50120EN Camel Up: 2nd Edition, Mixed Colors Marrón coloración del cabello , color/modelo surtido
  • El galardonado juego sobre la carrera de camellos m√°s loco se ha vuelto a√ļn m√°s loco.
  • La carrera ahora incluye nuevos concursantes: camellos que est√°n tan confundidos que comienzan la carrera en la direcci√≥n equivocada.
  • La pista se ha mejorado significativamente desde tu √ļltima visita, ahora incluye nuevas obras de arte y componentes.
  • Estos camellos lo han hecho a la sombra de una palmera gigante 3D.
  • Para 3 a 8 jugadores | 30 minutos de tiempo de juego | A partir de 8 a√Īos.

26) Pictionary ‚Äď Make the perfect drawing

This game will be more fun if several of your friends participate in teams.

Even if it’s no big deal to guess at a word, you might come across some complex terms in Pictionary. So you’ll have to use your creativity to the fullest to guess and get your team to hit the picture that represents the word they’re trying to identify.

Great for an afternoon of laughs and laughter with your best friends.

27) Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle ‚Äď Defeat the Nameless One!

If you consider yourself the #1 Harry Potter fan and you didn’t just read all his books but watched thousands of times his movies, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle has arrived in 2020 to satisfy your taste for this series.
The first thing you have to do is choose the wizard you consider the most powerful to overcome the threats that could come your way and defeat once and for all the one you know, the unmentionable one. So, the more villains you defeat, the more games you win to become the chosen one.

USAopoly Juego de Cartas de Batalla de Harry Potter Hogwarts, DB010-400
  • Juego de construcci√≥n para 2 - 4 jugadores
  • Adecuado para ni√Īos mayores de 11 a√Īos
  • Idioma del juego: Ingl√©s
  • Dimensiones del producto 22.9 x 30.5 x 10.2 cm

28) Merchants Cove ‚Äď Let‚Äôs Play Rich

This is certainly an asymmetrical Euro-game, ideal for playing between 2 to 5 players. Each participant will have the option of customizing a merchant who will try to win more money than the rest, managing his time as wisely as possible and using a different tactic than his opponents.

The most exciting thing about this game is that each character is a totally different universe that will give us the option to compete in equal strength with the other player. So may the best man win!

29) Maracaibo ‚Äď Un juego de estrategia

This game is based in the Caribbean during the 17th century. It is the struggle of several nations for the control of Maracaibo. Here you could be a sailor or an adventurer who seeks to gain the respect of the countries, creating alliances with the purpose of being rich and recognized.

To do this you will have to be the most strategic on the board to take the money and the respect of everyone around you.

30) Cards against humanity ‚Äď How naughty will you be?

A game designed for the daring and lovers of black humor. The idea of Cards Against Humanity is to give the boldest, funniest, or even absurd answer to questions that seem to be innocent. The most sarcastic or brazen will win.

So, are you willing to let your imagination run wild in order to win?

Cards Against Humanity Edición Internacional
2.130 Opiniones
Cards Against Humanity Edición Internacional
  • Cards Against Humanity es un juego de fiesta para gente horrible.
  • Incluye 600 tarjetas en total (510 blancas y 90 negras).
  • Esta es la edici√≥n internacional de CAH, improvisada de la edici√≥n de EE. UU. Y la Caja Roja.
  • Si bien mantuvimos celebridades importantes como "Robert Downey Jr" y "Stalin", eliminamos referencias oscuras estadounidenses que no entender√≠as.
  • Si tambi√©n compras el Red Box, obtendr√°s muchas tarjetas duplicadas y te enojar√°s. No lo hagas

31) Code Names- Do you Know Who They Are?

For this game, you will need to become the master of espionage, either by guessing or giving clues to find your 25 secret agents.

Ideally, the game is played by 2 to 8 players, who will have to divide between the red or blue team and manage to find the detectives of your own team, relying on the names of each agent that are made up of codes.

Devir- C√≥digo Secreto Juego de Mesa, Multicolor, √ļnica (BGCOSE)
921 Opiniones
Devir- C√≥digo Secreto Juego de Mesa, Multicolor, √ļnica (BGCOSE)
  • Adecuado para gente competitiva y cr√≠tica, as√≠ como para los m√°s sueltos
  • De 2 a 8 jugadores
  • Duraci√≥n: 15 minutos
  • Para mayores de 8 a√Īos

32) Letters from Whitechapel- A game for the clever

With this game, you could spend an afternoon full of intrigue and mystery with your friend or partner.
Here one of the two will have to take the role of the evil Jack the Ripper and try to murder the city girls, but avoiding the police. To do this you will have to lie and be very clever to avoid being caught.

Letters from Whitechapel
  • Un juego de mesa de "todos contra uno" de intriga y deducci√≥n.
  • La gran exactitud hist√≥rica en la que est√° ambientada el juego contribuye a enriquecer su tem√°tica.
  • Tiempo de juego: 120 minutos.
  • A partir de 13 a√Īos.
  • Para 2 a 6¬†jugadores.

33) Coimbra ‚Äď Let‚Äôs Make Alliances

Your mission in this game will be to provide security with your set of guards to the most important characters of the city of Coimbra; that every day is enriched more thanks to its famous university.

So believe us when we tell you that you will spend a fun afternoon with your friends, as they battle to get help will be very exciting thanks to its particular dice throwing dynamics.

34) Dominion ‚Äď Let‚Äôs Build!

Your goal at Dominion will be to build a deck. The cards you hold will represent the points you have earned, your resources, and the actions you can perform.

Don’t worry if you start the game with a few land cards and a few copper coins, because if you’re cunning, skilled, and ambitious enough, you can make your deck full of gold, people, and land.

Rio Grande Games - Dominion Expansion Seaside
  • 2 edici√≥n, caracter√≠sticas actualizadas: tarjetas, reglas y obras de arte.
  • Lote de expansi√≥n disponible para ampliar la experiencia.
  • A partir de 14 a√Īos.
  • De 2 a 4 jugadores.
  • Duraci√≥n de cada partida: de a 30 minutos.

35) The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow

We finish this list of the 35 best board games with The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow a game full of cleverness.

This hidden role party game is ideal to play between a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 18 players. The context of The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow takes place in a village, where the night can be very dangerous, full of suspense and murders.

The idea is to take on a role, whether it’s that of a villager, mayor, or werewolf. When the sun goes down, the wolves can choose their victim and kill him. But during the day, everyone must choose the potential killer.

So you’ll have to be very stealthy and cunning to avoid being selected because you could be hanged in the village square by mistake. Who will win? The villagers or the wolves?

Asmodee The Werewolves of Millers Hollow
  • English language edition of Die Werwlfe vom Dsterwald
  • Age range: 10 and up / Number of players: 8 to 18 / Play time: 30
  • Manufacturer: Asmodee Editions
  • 24 cards:, 4 werewolves, 13 ordinary townsfolk, 1 fortune teller, 1 thief, 1 hunter, 1 cupido, 1 witch, 1 little girl, 1 sheriff

And with this, here is the selection of the best board games that exist today.
You can find all these games on Amazon, and enjoy the offers they provide.

The great advantage of board games is that they are very cheap, so you can enjoy hours of fun at a very low price.

Combine efforts and money with your friends and you will pay very little to play any of these board games.

We’re sure you didn’t know all the games. Don’t hesitate to tell us if you miss any of them, or to tell us which one is your favorite on this list.

And if you want to read more about other board games, here are some articles that you will surely like:

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