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The 21 Best Board Games for Two. Enjoy with your Partner this 2020!

There are hundreds of thousands of different board games, each with its own unique characteristics.

To organize them, we always resort to various rankings. Either by theme (laughing, chance, strategy), by duration, difficulty, or by the number of players that can play.

As you know, there are board games for large numbers of people, as well as others that only allow one person to play.

This time we bring you a list of the best board games for couples, because, as many of you have asked us, sometimes you don’t know which ones are the most fun to play as a duo.

Whether it’s with your partner, a family member, or a friend, in this game you’ll only have to go head-to-head for hours of fun.

Asmodee Pandemic-Legacy Azul, pan07blu, Juegos de Mesa
Devir - Twilight Struggle: la Guerra Fría, 1945-1989, Juego de Mesa (BGTWIST)
Maldito Games Everdell - Castellano
Devir - Carcassonne, juego de mesa (versión en castellano)
Asmodee- Dobble - Español, Multicolor (57)
Pandemic Legacy
Twilight Struggle
¿Conseguirás infectar a toda la población con un temido virus?
Elige una de las potencias de la Guerra Fría y enfréntate a través de cartas históricas.
Compite con tu rival para alzar la mejor ciudad del fantástico mundo de Everdell
Construye tu ciudad usando la estrategia para ganar a tus rivales
Demuestra tu habilidad mental a tu pareja y diviértete como nunca antes.
4 Opiniones
82 Opiniones
3 Opiniones
746 Opiniones
3.024 Opiniones
De 2 hasta 4 jugadores
Para 2 jugadores
De 1 a 4 jugadores
De 2 a 5 jugadores
De 2 a 8 jugadores
Asmodee Pandemic-Legacy Azul, pan07blu, Juegos de Mesa
Pandemic Legacy
¿Conseguirás infectar a toda la población con un temido virus?
4 Opiniones
De 2 hasta 4 jugadores
Devir - Twilight Struggle: la Guerra Fría, 1945-1989, Juego de Mesa (BGTWIST)
Twilight Struggle
Elige una de las potencias de la Guerra Fría y enfréntate a través de cartas históricas.
82 Opiniones
Para 2 jugadores
Maldito Games Everdell - Castellano
Compite con tu rival para alzar la mejor ciudad del fantástico mundo de Everdell
3 Opiniones
De 1 a 4 jugadores
Devir - Carcassonne, juego de mesa (versión en castellano)
Construye tu ciudad usando la estrategia para ganar a tus rivales
746 Opiniones
De 2 a 5 jugadores
Asmodee- Dobble - Español, Multicolor (57)
Demuestra tu habilidad mental a tu pareja y diviértete como nunca antes.
3.024 Opiniones
De 2 a 8 jugadores

The 21 Best Board Games for Duo Play

The creators of board games, not only think of large groups of people but also often dedicate a section of their rules so that two people can play.

For example, we find games like Catan or 7 Wonders, which have adaptations of the rules made by the fans, and others like Carcassonne, which sometimes is more fun to play between 2.

In this list, in no apparent order, you will see the 21 best board games to play between two people this 2020.

Here you will find our favorites, mixed between competitive and cooperative, as well as games that offer the possibility to play with more people.

Let’s get started!

1) Carcassonne – Build Your Medieval City

For the lovers of the strategy games, we bring this game that is undoubtedly one of our favorites.

Even though Carcassonne allows up to five players to play, we can enjoy it perfectly in pairs, getting an even better experience due to its dynamics.

In this game inspired by the famous city in the south of France, we will have to build a medieval city from its foundations, laying bricks and strategically placing our supporters.

The rules are simple: place a tile (that follows the continuity of the board) decide if you want to place your meeple or follower and win points for it.

That’s why strategy in this game is fundamental, since you have a certain number of meeples and a limit of tiles.

The game is over when all the tiles are placed, and the one who best develops the city will be the winner of the game.

The duration of the games is approximately 35 minutes and is recommended for children over 10 years old.

A classic that should be on our list.

Devir - Carcassonne, juego de mesa (versión en castellano)
746 Opiniones
Devir - Carcassonne, juego de mesa (versión en castellano)
  • Juego de mesa con expansiones incluidas
  • Componentes de juego: 4 tableros de cuatro colores, 5 seguidores grandes, 5 seguidores pequeños, 5 cofres, 5 fichas de puntos 100/200, 140 cartas y un reglamento
  • Número de jugadores: 2 - 5
  • Edad recomendada: 7 años y más
  • Duración aproximada de la partida: 35 min

2) Catan Duel – A Classic Readjusted

Possibly one of the most famous board games in history, the Catan Settlers, brings us this adaptation of its five-player version, in this case for two players only.

In this game, the rules change a little bit, since swapping resources or stealing no longer works as well with just two players, so you’ll have to discover new strategies to become the best conqueror and crush your game partner

Catan Studios Rivals para Catan: DeluxeTM
187 Opiniones
Catan Studios Rivals para Catan: DeluxeTM
  • Rivals for Catan: Deluxe te pone a cargo de una de las dos facciones que desarrollan Catan recién asentado. Utiliza tu mezcla de cartas única para crear tu propio principado.
  • Rivals for Catan: Deluxe incluye bandejas de tarjetas para mantener organizadas las diferentes pilas de cartas, así como nueve tarjetas promocionales difíciles de encontrar.
  • Para 2 jugadores.
  • Tiempo de juego de 45 a 60 minutos.
  • A partir de 10 años.

3) 7 Wonders: Duel – Opinion

We know that the 7 Wonders itself has an adaptation of the game in its instruction manual designed for two players, but it is not as optimal as this reissue.

That is why Repos Productions has created this version for duos, where the fun is guaranteed.

The game is based on antiquity and the different eras that humanity has gone through. Time moves on and the eras follow each other, so in order to win, we must become strong and conquer the territory of our enemy.

To do this, we will have a board, science pieces (also important for winning the game), wonders, and coins.

Designed for children over 10 years old, it is an ideal game to play with the youngest in the house and teach them the origins of humanity.

Asmodee- 7 Wonders Duel, Color (SEV07ML)
192 Opiniones
Asmodee- 7 Wonders Duel, Color (SEV07ML)
  • Tipo de producto: Juego de tablero
  • Dimensiones del producto: 20 x 5 x 20 cm
  • Edad mínima recomendada: 10 anos
  • Número de jugadores: 2

4) Jaipur – Become a Merchant

Surely another of the most famous board games among couples, acclaimed by the critics and one of the best sellers on Amazon.

Set in the Middle East, more specifically in Jaipur, you will become a Rajasthan merchant, whose main goal is to be the best merchant in the area.

During a maximum of 30 minutes, you will have to develop your ingenuity by exchanging, buying, and selling goods continuously. But beware, your opponent will try the same, so don’t get careless or you’ll end up losing.

In this game, although having a good strategy can make you win the game, you will also depend on luck, so every game will be different.

Very easy to play, recommended for the whole family!

Space Cowboys-Jaipur, SCJAI01FR
  • Jaipur es un pequeño juego de cartas para 2 jugadores, sencillo y divertido. Rápida y cautivadora, diviértete en intercambiar sus mercancías con el mercado para realizar las mejores combinaciones
  • En el juego de cartas Jaipur tendrás que trabajar bien, para ganar más que tu oponente y convertirse en el atractivo comerciante de Maharaja.
  • Con un diseño muy ilustrado, rápido de explicar y jugar, Jaipur es un juego para dos que te hará vivir divertidas cabezas en un mundo rico en colores.
  • A partir de 12 años.
  • Tiempo de juego: 30 min

5) Azul – Build and win

Tim Maia sang it to us in his song ¨Azul da cor do mar¨, and that’s because it seems that the Portuguese have some special relationship with blue. Maybe the sea, maybe the sky, or maybe their famous tiles?

This set is a real beauty, made with a wonderful aesthetic taste, and has an impeccable design, which always adds up!

In Azul, we will be an artist who has to recreate for the King of Portugal the beauty he found after his visit to Granada.

Azul’s strategy will be fundamental to win, but we can also let ourselves be carried away by the beauty of the game and enjoy believing in that Portuguese artist.

Ideal for playing in pairs or with more people, as the game is designed to be played with up to four players.

Plan B Games PBG40020 Azul Juego de Tablero
2.486 Opiniones
Plan B Games PBG40020 Azul Juego de Tablero
  • Azul te invita a un artesano de azulejos para decorar las paredes del rey de Evora.
  • Diseñado por el galardonado coche de juego Michael Kiesling mundialmente reconocido.
  • De 2 a 4 jugadores.
  • El juego dura entre 30 y 40 minutos.
  • Para niños a partir de 8 años.

6) Bang! – aim, shoot, fire!

From the Far West comes the adaptation for two players of the classic Bang! The Bullet.

In this game, you will have to decide first which side you want to be on. Will it be the law enforcement agents who enthrall you or perhaps the wild outlaws?

The duel begins and bullets will fly around the table until you manage to defeat all your opponent’s gunmen.

To make the game more dynamic, you’ll find action cards that target gunmen with special skills, as well as personal features like shot resistance.

Edge Entertainment Bang El Duelo, Juego de Cartas (EDGBA30)
48 Opiniones
Edge Entertainment Bang El Duelo, Juego de Cartas (EDGBA30)
  • Tipo de producto: Juego de cartas
  • Dimensiones del producto: 14 x 4 x 19 cm
  • Edad mínima recomendada: 8 años
  • Número de jugadores: 2

7) Patchwork – Opinion

In this game, designed entirely to be played between two people, we will become a sewer in charge of making blankets through the use of pieces of fabric or scraps known as Patchwork

The standards are very simple, so any child over the age of seven will be able to play this fun game. Reminiscent of Tetris, this is one of the best board games for two people.

Although the dynamics are simple, you will have to create a strategy that will lead you to win the game, always anticipating your opponent.

A game of knitting that fits unquestionably into our top of board games for couples.

Patchwork - Juego de mesa en Español
129 Opiniones
Patchwork - Juego de mesa en Español
  • Uwe Rosenberg
  • Categorías - Juegos de tablero
  • Nº de jugadores - 2
  • Edad recomendada - 8+
  • Dependencia del idioma - Ninguna

8) Pandemic Legacy – Avoid the apocalypse

The first collaborative game of the list. This time, you won’t have to compete against your partner, but your enemies will be the viruses and bacterias that stalk the world.

It is curious to see how, nowadays, after the Coronavirus’ upsurge, games like this one are succeeding worldwide.

In Pandemic Legacy, the world is on the brink of catastrophe, and it will be the players who will have to face four deadly diseases that threaten to wipe out the planet as we know it.

Join forces, coordinate your efforts, communicate with your partner, and save humanity from extinction.

Asmodee Pandemic-Legacy Azul, pan07blu, Juegos de Mesa
4 Opiniones
Asmodee Pandemic-Legacy Azul, pan07blu, Juegos de Mesa
  • Un enfoque épico a los mecanismos de Pandemia.
  • Los muchos elementos que se añaden más y se registradores hacen su experiencia única.
  • Edita el mundo, los personajes y incluso las enfermedades.
  • Tiempo de juego: 60 minutos

9) Star Wars Rebellion – Opinion

A game for two people, but with a maximum number of four players.

Ideal to give away to the lovers of the George Lucas saga, this game puts you in a very far away galaxy, where you will have to fight in the troops of the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance.

Choose your side wisely, you will have to fight to finish your enemy. The game comes with more than 150 high-quality figures and miniatures incorporated, so it will give you a bonus to the setting.

May the force be with you!

Fantasy Flight Games-EDGSW03 Star Wars Rebellion (EDGSW03)
42 Opiniones
Fantasy Flight Games-EDGSW03 Star Wars Rebellion (EDGSW03)
  • Nos encontramos en un periodo de Guerra civil. Los últimos reductos de la Antigua República han sido ya barridos; la galaxia entera está sometida al reinado de terror del Imperio
  • Star Wars: Rebellion permite a los jugadores reproducir el conflicto épico entre el Imperio Galáctico y la Alianza Rebelde
  • Se necesitan héroes. Estos emblemáticos personajes pueden emprender misiones secretas para contribuir a su causa o perjudicar al enemigo
  • ¡Envía a Luke Skywalker a Dagobah para entrenarse como jedi, o prepara una emboscada con Darth Vader para congelar a Han Solo en carbonita!
  • ¿Logrará el Imperio aplastar a la Rebelión con una única y fulminante ofensiva? ¡El destino de la galaxia está en tus manos!

10) Cavern – Opinion

Cavern is a game designed for two players, so this game is optimal if you want to play it only with your partner.

In Cavern, we will go back to ancient times, where our job will be to build homes for your tribe of dwarves in the cracks of the mountains.

However, the other tribes in the area are threatening to expel you, so you will have to be vigilant and build strategically to stand victorious. Drill the rock, build your caves, collect grain, flax, precious metals, and become the richest dwarf on the face of the earth.

It is a very entertaining indie game, with simple gameplay and suitable for children over 12 years old.

SD Games- Caverna 2 Jugadores (SDGCAVER201)
9 Opiniones
SD Games- Caverna 2 Jugadores (SDGCAVER201)
  • Juego de construcción para 2 jugadores
  • Juego de tablero
  • Juego de mesa

11) Twilight Struggle – Communist or Capitalist?

We found the one that many say is the best board game for two people, as well as one of the most awarded in recent years.

1945. After the end of World War II, a period of war begins that will pit two great world powers, the Soviet Union and the United States, against each other. Yes, we’re talking about the Cold War and Twilight Struggle is about that.

In this incredible game, you will have to ‘stand on the flesh of one of these two countries‘ and ‘fight‘ so that your ‘ideology‘ lasts over time.

You will achieve this by using political strategies, military operations, or by completing the moon race.

If you’re looking for a game for two adults and you like history, this game will certainly excite you!

Devir - Twilight Struggle: la Guerra Fría, 1945-1989, Juego de Mesa (BGTWIST)
82 Opiniones
Devir - Twilight Struggle: la Guerra Fría, 1945-1989, Juego de Mesa (BGTWIST)
  • Dos jugadores
  • Duración 180 min
  • Para mayores de 14 años
  • Juego de Ananda Gupta y Jason Matthews
  • Juego de estrategia

12) Everdell – An Amazing Board

The game is set in Everdell, a fantastic and magical land

The board is one you have to set up, so to start the game you must have already raised the tree and drawn five cards.

Start the game and your goal is to call your villagers to build with the resources you get.

For a whole year, you will have to raise your city as the most successful in Everdell, which will happen through your ingenuity and logic.

A beautiful and fun game that we recommend to anyone, adult or young.

13) Dobble – Simplicity and Fun

This game is apparently the simplest on the list.

However, Dobble’s cards are designed with overwhelming mathematical precision. Remember in geometry how two lines only cross at one point and only at one? Well, Dobble is based on the same concept

A Dobble card will only share one symbol with another card, and this will never fail.

Your goal in this game is simple, you will have to locate the symbol that matches the other cards before your partner.

The game supports from two to eight players, so for a very cheap price, we have a game that is definitely worth playing.

Besides, you will have many different ways to play, and even, you will be able to invent your own rules (I play with my girlfriend to memorize a card and play without seeing it anymore)

I recommend it, you’ll have a great time.

Asmodee- Dobble - Español, Multicolor (57)
3.024 Opiniones
Asmodee- Dobble - Español, Multicolor (57)
  • Material resistente
  • Fácil de limpiar
  • Diseño divertido y moderno
  • De 2 a 8 jugadores

Other versions of Dobble are also available:

14) Secret Code Duo – Opinion

We bring to the list another classic board game reinvented to be played by two people.
The beauty of this game is that it is also collaborative, so instead of competing, you will have to join forces to win the game.

In Secret Code, you’ll have to find out, as if you were a spy, who the killer is. To do so, you will be given a series of cards that you will have to decide with.

But beware, if you choose a normal citizen you will be eliminated!

Devir- Código Secreto Dúo, única (Bgcosed)
72 Opiniones
Devir- Código Secreto Dúo, única (Bgcosed)
  • Para mayores de 11 años
  • Para 2 o más jugadores
  • Duración 15 min
  • Idioma: español

15) Lost Cities Card Game

A board game designed for two people, where the adventurers will enjoy a great time.

The game is simple, so it won’t cost the little ones in the house to play it. As its title indicates, the game is based on the exploration of various places on earth (the Himalayas, the desert, the jungle…)

The main objective of this game is to undertake the most successful expedition to date and to achieve this we must collect point cards in our hand.

The one with the most prestige points will win the game.

16) Letters from Whitechapel – Opinion

A very entertaining game, in which two people can enjoy hours of mystery and intrigue.

Set in the 19th century, Letters from Whitechapel will allow us to put ourselves in the shoes of Jack the Ripper, as well as those of the policemen who are trying to catch him.

Sharpen your wits or lie like a rogue, as in this board game, everything is allowed!

This game is recommended for adults, as it is somewhat complex, and has a playing duration of approximately 60 minutes.

Devir - Sombras sobre Londres, Juego de Mesa (BGSOLO)
18 Opiniones
Devir - Sombras sobre Londres, Juego de Mesa (BGSOLO)
  • Un refinado juego de engaño y deducción ambientado en el Londres de Jack el Destripador
  • Recomendado para jugadores adultos
  • Duración aproximada de la partida más de 60 min

17) Splendor – get rich

A classic game, which should certainly be in all the houses of those board gamers who are worth it.

In addition, Splendor allows the option of playing up to four players, so if the meeting is bigger, you can always enjoy this game.

The rules are very simple: you are a merchant whose task is to get rich. You will achieve this through gems using ingenuity and logic.

Although it seems simple, it is a game that has a lot of variability, so every game will be different.

A very entertaining game recommended for all ages!

Asmodee Splendor - Juego de estrategia [Versión importada (inglés)]
  • Temática: Juegos de mesa
  • En Splendor, interpretas a un rico mercader del Renacimiento. Utilizarás tu riqueza para adquirir minas, métodos de transporte y artesanos que te permitirán transformar bastas piedras en magníficas piezas de joyería
  • A partir de 10 años
  • De 2 a 4 jugadores
  • Duración media de la partida: 30 minutos

18) Legends of Andor – survive with your partner

We bring back to the list an ideal cooperative game for two people, in which you and your partner will have to survive in Andor’s Land.

Legend has it that the Andor Kingdom is in grave danger, as hordes of monsters threaten to attack old King Brandur’s castle. Your role will be to defend the castle and save this noble land.

Along with this, many more challenges and fun will await you in this game that we highly recommend.

With a beautiful board and figures that have been cared for down to the last detail, it’s no wonder this game was nominated for the best of 2013.

19) HIVE – estrategia en puro estado

Here is one of the most popular games for 2 people, which mixes strategy with a style similar to checkers or chess, the Hive.

The game simply consists of 22 pieces, eleven white, and eleven black, no more and no less, so there is no need for a board. Each of the players will start with seven pieces, which move differently.

The purpose of the game is very simple, you will win when you have surrounded your opponent’s queen bee piece.

With quick games of 10 to 15 minutes, this game will help you to speed up your mind and will force you to develop a strategy to be victorious.

20) Abalone – Abstraction and Strategy

We would like to give a special mention to this abstract board game, which is closer to chess or checkers than any other game on this list.

In Abalone, through ingenuity and strategy, we will have to get rid of our opponent’s pieces from the board.

There are worldwide competitions and it is a very entertaining game if you want to squeeze the brain to the maximum.

EXTRA) Bananagrams – palabras, palabras y más palabras

This game is very similar to Scrabble, only with a big difference, there are no turns here!

All the letters are handed out, and to win the game you must place all of them, either vertically or horizontally.

This game is great fun, ideal for playing with the little ones in the house and even using new languages we are learning

Bananagrams Double
  • Double Bananagrams Game Set - 288 tiles
  • One size

And with this, we end our list of the best board games to play as a couple. However, these games are not exclusive for a couple in love.

You can play them with your friend, with your neighbor or with a relative! The important thing is that you have a good time and enjoy yourself in good company!

If you liked this article, I recommend that you share it on networks and leave us a comment if you miss a board game for two!

Here is a list of Amazon’s best-selling board games for two, enjoy!

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