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The Best Harry Potter Board Games

Since J.K. Rowling came up with the brilliant idea of creating a story about wizards, spells, and fantastic creatures, the universe of “Harry Potter” has expanded around the world, becoming a smashing success, and giving rise to a franchise that encompasses books, movies, and video games.

Obviously, board games were not exempt from the Harry Potter phenomenon, and, from the adventures of the famous magician, a series of super cool board games have been launched.

Today I bring you this selection of Harry Potter board games, where you will find a good variety, because they are very different, although they share the same theme. I’ll put them in ascending order of complexity, okay?
Let’s get started.

Pictopia Harry Potter

Players: 2-6, 20-30 minute games.

There’ s a board with squares to walk on, a dice, coins, and a deck of cards.
In your turn, you will roll the dice, which will indicate which question card you get. The cards have answer options.
Before shooting the answers, the players make a bet using their coins. The card is raised to see who was right. The coin value indicates how many steps forward on the board.

Needless to say, these are questions related to the Harry Potter universe: characters, events, places, spells…

Funkoverse Harry Potter

For 2-4 players, and 20-60 minute games

With the famous pop figures of Funko, this board game allows you to get into the skin of a character from the Harry Potter saga, and move through his universe to achieve goals and win points. You’ll use your character’s skills to do so.
But remember, keep the Funko figures safe, they’re collectibles!

FUNKO GAMES Pop Funkoverse: Harry Potter-Base Set (English) Board Game (42631)
3.076 Opiniones
FUNKO GAMES Pop Funkoverse: Harry Potter-Base Set (English) Board Game (42631)
  • Para 2 a 4 jugadores
  • El juego dura entre 20 y 60 minutos
  • Producto de alta calidad

Top Trumps Match Harry Potter

For 2 players only, a very wild -west duel.

On a vertical, screen-type board, you place a stack of cubes on a grid. The cubes have the image of Harry Potter characters (15 in total), one on each side. The players stand on either side of the board so that no one sees what the other is doing.

You take turns moving the cubes around: you take one out, put it in the place of another, pushing the latter, which falls on the other side of the board. That way you will try to build a line of 5 cubes of the same character.

The first one to succeed wins. But, from the beginning of the game, each one will keep two Top Trumps cards, without looking at them. If one of your opponent’s cards matches the character in your line… you’re a mess! Your opponent has won.

Harry Potter: A Year at Hogwarts

This is a very elaborate game, and quite complicated. For 2-4 players.

Designed to live the experience of a complete course at the famous school of magic and sorcery.
You must complete 30 missions, based very faithfully on the adventures of the saga, from playing quidditch and passing exams to fighting Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

You can choose the level of difficulty you’ll face because the game has 3 different modes depending on their complexity: apprentice, graduate wizard, and the return of Voldemort (for expert wizards)

In addition, you can choose which character you want to play, from 15 available. You will be a member of one of Hogwarts’ houses, and will participate in the Four House Tournament.

The most complete one-year experience at Hogwarts!

Trivial Pursuit Harry Potter

This is a game for the real Harry Potter lovers, those who have consumed the story, chewing it slowly, because to play (and win) you have to know it all. 600 questions! to break down the saga of the boy who lived.

More than 2 players are needed, and the game lasts 90 minutes or so.

WARNING: The game is guided by the movies. (Don’t chew on the books and think you’re ready to take the world by storm in this Trivial Pursuit)

It’s a super portable game. No giant boards and massive boxes.

So what are the questions about? Don’t get your hopes up, I’m not gonna blow them out of your ass. But I can tell you that they’re divided into the following categories, by color:

  • Pie-chart purple: Dark Arts
  • Pie-chart blue: Hogwarts
  • Pie-chart pink: Spells and Potions
  • Pie-chart orange: Magical Objects
  • Pie-chart yellow: Magical People
  • Pie-chart green: Animals and Fantastic Creatures

Here’s an idea. And that’s all I can give you!

How to Play Trivial Pursuit Harry Potter?

On your turn, you roll the dice and draw a question card of the color the dice showed. Someone else reads the first question. If you get it right, the card is returned to the deck, and you draw another one. If you get the second question right, you keep that card for yourself. If you don’t get it right, you lose a game turn.

This way, rounds are made, until someone accumulates 6 cards and wins the game.

Trivial Pursuit 21289 - Juego de Preguntas de Harry Potter en Ingles para 2 o más Jugadores (versión en inglés)
  • Trivial Pursuit Harry Potter
  • Pon a prueba tus conocimientos de cultura general y reta a tus amigos y a tu familia con esta edición Harry Potter de Trivial Pursuit.
  • Este paquete presenta 600 preguntas
  • Una compañía ideal para viajar o en casa
  • Edades 12+

Harry Potter Clue

Like all Clue, you’re going to investigate a crime, applying the deduction. Only in this one, it is about the disappearance of a character from the Harry Potter saga (Harry, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Luna, etc)

You will play one of them, as well as the other 4 players, and you will compete to see who solves the mystery.

The solution is to find the right combination of suspect and weapon.

Suspects: These are the bad guys you already know: Malfoy (father and son), Belatrix, Wormtail, etc. And Voldemort himself, of course.

Places: These are locations from the Harry Potter universe: The Ministry of Magic, Gringotts, the Forbidden Forest…

Weapons: These are spells, incantations, potions, and magic objects. All evil, of course.

Harry Potter’s Clue Mechanics:

You walk around the rooms, facing the attacks of the Dark Cards, and exchanging guesses between players. If you think you have the answer, you throw in an accusation. You check the Secret Envelope. If you get it right, you win the game. If not, you’re out. But you have to keep your big mouth shut… don’t reveal the solution!

Winning Moves Cluedo Harry Potter 40X26-+9 Años, multicolor, Sin tañosllaños (ELEVEN FORCE 82288)
880 Opiniones
Winning Moves Cluedo Harry Potter 40X26-+9 Años, multicolor, Sin tañosllaños (ELEVEN FORCE 82288)
  • En esta edición especial de Cluedo – El clásico Juego de Misterio de Harry Potter, te conviertes en un verdadero detective para encontrar pistas y resolver el misterio que te está esperando.
  • Comienza un viaje mágico por el tablero y juega como uno de tus personajes favoritos Harry, Ron, Hermione o Ginny entrando en lugares especiales como el Castillo de Hogwarts, el Bosque Prohibido o la Mansión de los Malfoy.
  • Cluedo es un juego muy divertido para toda la familia, en el que debéis descubrir ¿quién lo hizo? ¿dónde ocurrió? ¿qué arma usó el culpable?
  • ¿Fue Fenrir Greyback con un Collar Maldito en el Bosque Prohibido? Usa la Red Flu para viajar más rápido por el mundo de los magos, pero cuidado con las chimeneas apagadas.
  • El Clásico juego de Misterio divertido para toda la familia.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

This is a game of strategy and combat, cooperative.
Designed for 5 players, and long games.

The action takes place at Hogwarts, between the positive characters of the saga, and the deadly ones. The good characters will be played by the players, and the villains are represented by cards.

In each game, 3 villains try to destroy Hogwarts (3 castle locations). If the heroes manage to eliminate them before the 3 parts of Hogwarts fall, they win the game.

Mechanics of The Battle of Hogwarts

On your turn, the team will get dark claws due to the Dark Arts Cards. You will then play 5 cards from your deck. With them you will manage to:

  • Nullify or minimize the damage received.
  • Hit the acting villain with a couple of blows (oh please, if it’s Draco Malfoy, hit him hard…jk!). After 6 hits, the villain is defeated, so this is a priority.
  • Buy useful things in Diagon Alley.

Highlights from The Battle of Hogwarts:

I’ll tell you what this game has, inside the big box, 7 little boxes, one for each book. You start playing with the contents of The Philosopher’s Stone, and when you have won this part, you open the next little box and add the contents. That way, as you progress through the saga, the games will get more and more complicated. I imagine that when you get to The Deathly Hallows, you’ll be ready to be appointed Minister of Magic, at least!

Juego de cartas de batalla de Harry Potter Hogwarts, USAopoly DB010-400 , color/modelo surtido
  • Añade a Luna Lovegood como personaje jugable para Harry Potter: Batalla de Hogwarts
  • Esta expansión requiere una copia de Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle para jugar
  • Tiempo de reproducción de 30 a 60 minutos
  • De 2 a 4 jugadores
  • A partir de 11 años

Labyrinth Harry Potter

This appealing board game can be played by 2 to 4 players, with short games lasting about 15 minutes.

The players represent the 4 houses of Hogwarts: Griffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. They have their Common Room in the 4 corners of the board.

On the board, they place a pile of squares, independent and sliding pieces that constitute the labyrinth. Numerous paths branch off and are truncated, and in the midst of this confusion, scattered everywhere, are the Harry Potter characters, lost in the maze.

There is one piece of the maze left over, it stays outside the board. This piece can be pushed through any of the various entrances to the maze, pushing the whole row with it, so that another piece is ejected from the opposite side. When you do this, all the pieces in that row slide off, and the maze changes its composition.

How to play Labyrinth Harry Potter:

The character cards are dealt in evenly. Players take turns moving their house tile through the maze to rescue their characters. They’ll get stuck, of course, every time they reach a blocked spot. However, they can solve this by using their turn to transform the maze.

Best of all, by inserting the leftover piece and changing the maze, you can either clear your own path or block the path of the other players, which you’ll want to do because the first one to rescue all their characters wins the game!

Ravensburger – Labyrinth Harry Potter, Juegos de Mesa Laberinto, De 2 A 4 Jugadores, 7+ Años
  • Una emocionante versión del juego de mesa Laberinto en busca de los famosos personajes de Harry Potter. Gana el primero que los encuentre.
  • En Labyrinth, el popular juego de mesa de Ravensburger para niños y adultos, debes encontrar el recorrido más corto a través del laberinto para ganar.
  • La duración media es de 20-30 minutos. Las instrucciones fáciles y de alta calidad te permiten empezar a jugar enseguida. Laberinto Harry Potter ejercita el pensamiento lógico de forma lúdica.
  • El juego contiene: 1 tablero de juego, 34 piezas de laberinto, 24 cartas de tesoro, 4 peones e instrucciones
  • La línea Laberinto de Ravensburger es muy amplia: ¡descubre todas las versiones del famoso juego de mesa!

We’ll leave you with all these Harry Potter games. Choose the one you like best and you’ll be entertained like never before!

And remember, it’s leviOsa not leviosAR

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