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Escape Room: The Game: Review, Prices, and Analysis

Do you like to challenge yourself with riddles? What if we told you that your life depends on solving riddles? This is precisely the main purpose of the games that we will analyze today.

The term Escape Room is used to refer to a genre of board games that consist of placing their protagonists in closed rooms, having to overcome a series of obstacles, as well as decipher riddles and design strategies with the only objective in mind to escape alive.

Before talking to you about the escape room board games, we want to first point out that this type of game began as a physical adventure that, since its appearance in the first decade of the 2000s, has spread around the world, managing to evolve into different variants and modalities.

The original escape room games are still played all over the world, and represent both a physical and mental adventure. They are based on physically locking the players in a closed room, giving them certain clues and tools that they must use to later decipher the riddles that prevent them from advancing in their escape. All this while running a timer that indicates the time they have left before losing the game.

Physical escapes (to distinguish them from table board modes) can have different scenarios, i.e. they can take place in open places like forests or farms, as well as be themed like an old dungeon or a spaceship.

Later, escape room video games were born, which have the same basis but are carried out one hundred percent virtual, so they represent a mental challenge, not a physical one. Similarly, the popularity of this type of game has been such that it began to evolve along with technology to the point that now there are also escape rooms in virtual reality.

All these ways of playing Escape Rooms are just aspects of the same game dynamics, evolving into a board game that can be played in the comfort of your home without requiring much space, as in the case of Escape Room: The Game. A game that has arrived to revolutionize the way of practicing escapism, here we tell you why.

Escape room the game: Opinions and Review

Escape Room: The game is one of the first games of its kind to become popular. Although it may seem simple compared to other types of games, the truth is that within the escape room mode, it has some really cool accessories.

The game comes packed in a pretty neat box that contains different envelopes and its main element: the chronocoder.
It is a device that not only serves as a stopwatch, counting down from sixty minutes but also acts as an encoder, having to enter the codes found through the tracks with four keys.
The device will indicate if the code is correct or not, and if it is, you will be able to advance towards the escape, otherwise, you will have to keep trying and deciphering enigmas.

Diset - Escape Room the game, Juego de mesa adulto que simula una experiencia Escape room a partir de 16 años
  • Juego que simula un Escape Room de verdad; El objetivo es conseguir resolver las 4 aventuras en menos de 1 hora cada una resolviendo enigmas, jeroglíficos, adivinanzas, sudokus, crucigramas
  • El juego consta de 4 aventuras con distintos niveles de dificultad: Prision break, Virus, Cuenta atrás nuclear y El Templo Azteca
  • Número de jugadores: de 3 a 5 personas
  • El producto necesita pilas, no vienen incluidas; El tipo de pilas que necesita son: 3xAA
  • Contenido: 4 aventuras , 16 llaves, decodificador de pistas y cronodecodificador

How do you play the Escape Room? Rules of the game

The first thing you should do is disconnect yourselves from external distractions and make sure you can keep your mind on the game.
We remind you that although this table mode does not require physical effort, the truth is that it will require a high level of concentration and intelligence for conflict resolution and efficient use of resources. You must constantly think of strategies together with the other players in order to achieve your goal.

The first step is to take all the elements out of the box (we will tell you in detail what they are) and place them on your game table.
To start you must open an envelope and read the introduction of the selected mystery adventure (remember that each box has four adventures)

It is normal in this type of game that the matches have no chance to be played again, so they usually come equipped with several challenges at once.

In the case of this particular game, the box contains four different scenarios and stories, which in turn are divided into three phases.
Escape Room: the game is a co-operative game, so it’s not a matter of players competing with each other, but rather they must work together to achieve the goal before it’s too late, in other words, the real opponent is the game itself.

In terms of the number of players, the game allows you to play with a minimum of 3 players, and a maximum of players as high as 99, yes, you read that correctly, almost 100 people.
This doesn’t mean that you have this many people in your house, but it is interesting to have a game with so many participants.
If you are resourceful, you can even use this escape room as a theme for your next party, can you imagine?

Main Elements

Without wanting to ruin the game’s unboxing element of surprise, we’ll tell you what you’ll find after you open the box:

  1. The Clock. It will be set to count down, and will obviously be the element that indicates how much time you have left before you lose the game. Besides indicating the time, the clock also serves to decode the clues that contain an ER code (you’ll see that on one of its sides is the reader). You will also have to enter the four keys in this clock to test the possible secret codes.
  2. The keys. The game has 4 keys that must be introduced in the clock to test the codes found. To win you must find three correct codes. When entering the keys into the clock, a beep will sound, if the code is correct the beep will be cheerful, otherwise, a horn will sound.

Available Adventures

As we said before, each box brings four different adventures, the first one contains Prison Break, Virus, Nuclear Countdown, and The Aztec Temple.
In the second you will find Casino, Secret Agent, Space Station, and The Dentist.
It’s important to keep in mind that each adventure has a different difficulty level, although this doesn’t mean that you should always practice them in a certain order because if you want to, you can even start with the highest difficulty level, it’s your choice.

The first level of difficulty is level two. Within this level are the adventures Prison Break and Virus. While on a higher level (level three) are the Nuclear Countdown, Casino, and Secret Agent adventures. Finally, on the fourth level of difficulty are the Aztec Temple, Space Station, and The Dentist adventures.

Important Notes

Now that you know all about Escape Room: The Game, we want to give you some practical tips to make sure you get the most out of this adventure.

  1. Make sure to communicate with other players, remember that you are a team and that the real enemy is indeed the game, and above all, time. So don’t hold back on any information, let alone any doubts.
  2. The game is designed so that you don’t have to break any of its elements, which means that you can keep it all after the puzzle is solved. We know that we told you it has no re-playability and for that, you may not think it’s important to keep all the elements, but think that even after you’ve solved all four quests, you can still lend the box to any friend or family member so the fun doesn’t have to stop for them.
  3. Always remember to take notes of the puzzles you solve, as well as those clues you find hidden, they may all be connected so you make sure you don’t miss anything with the notes.
  4. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before you start, and if you have any doubts during the game, don’t hesitate to check back. Remember that you don’t need to have any previous knowledge to participate, but you do need to be clear about the mission and the rules.
  5. You may get a little frustrated as time goes by and you can’t find the right code, but don’t despair. If you need to go through all the clues again and compare them with the notes you have been recording, it is possible that you have the answer already in your hands.
  6. One recommendation you’ll find even inside the game’s box is to make use of extra accessories that will help you to theme the environment according to the chosen adventure. An excellent option to achieve this is to look for costumes and play music in the background.

The main difficulty of the original escape room is that it requires a very large production, and it is necessary to prepare a place with the necessary specifications so that the players can live the experience of true escapism.

In its board game variant, this type of problem is solved by presenting the same challenge to the mind, but without having to physically move the players within a given room. To put it briefly, with this escape room board game you can live the experience of escape without moving from your home and without any more resources than your fellow players.

Escape Room The Game. Prices


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