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The Best EuroGames- Board Games

Choosing the best board game can sometimes be a difficult task.
The number of board games in existence is in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

However, board game enthusiasts can be congratulated, as there are certain words that categorize board games into more specific classifications in terms of their dynamics and atmosphere.

In this particular article, we will talk about the Board Games of the Eurogame category, and we bring you a compilation with those that in our opinion are The Best Eurogame-style Games of all time.

TOP with the Best Eurogame-themed Games

Also called German-style games, or Eurogames, they are characterized by their simplicity and short duration.
They usually have simple rules, with little text, and require little use of language.

In addition, these games have some main characteristics that define them as Eurogames:

  • The main goal of Eurogames is usually to get resources or points.
  • Luck does not play a fundamental role, but the strategy will define your game.
  • They tend to have a marked theme as well as a line of argument.
  • The design of the game, as well as the box and the components have a very important role in Eurogames.

Here we show you our TOP Eurogames. Note that they are not ordered from best to worst.

Settlers of Catan

What can we say about Catan that has not been said before?

This game is one of the most popular of all time. It is about filling the board with roads and villages, exploiting natural resources, producing goods, trading, and so on. Points are accumulated for achievements, and the one with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Players: 4

Duration: 1h


In this Eurogame, you will play the role of a farmer, and you will have to cultivate, raise cattle, trade, and in general, everything you can do to earn a living and make your family grow.

You earn points for actions and for the members you add to your family. Obviously… a large family is a sign of prosperity, right?

Players: 5

Duration: 30 min

Mayfair Agricola - Base Game - English
  • La edición reelaborada del juego de mesa de estrategia aclamado internacionalmente
  • Comience con dos miembros de la familia viviendo en una casa de madera de dos habitaciones,
  • De 1 a 4 jugadores
  • A partir de 12 años
  • 30 minutos de tiempo de juego por jugador

Stone Age

You will travel to the Stone Age and will have to place workers in the different areas of the board (farm, quarry, forest, workshop…), pay expenses, and feed the population. The actions give you points, and at the end of the game, you will count the points to define the winner.

Players: 2-4

Duration: 60-90 min

Z-Man Games ZMG71260 Stone Age Board Game
  • Un juego de estrategia con gran rejugabilidad
  • Trabajo de arte hermoso para coincidir con el tema
  • Fácil de aprender, pero necesita tiempo para dominar
  • Edad 10 +
  • 2-4 jugadores

Above and Below

This one it’s an unusual Eurogame because it has a narrative. It’s a game of worker placement and resource management.

You have to earn resource chips and build buildings both on and under the ground, activities that will give you victory points.

It is played in turns, and you can: work, train (that is, recruit workers), build, collect resources, and explore. How you decide to schedule these actions is up to you, and victory or defeat will depend on it. After 7 rounds, the points are counted and the game ends, with the highest number of points accumulated winning.

Players: 2-4

Duration: 60-90 min

Red Raven Games - Juego de cartas Above and Below, de 1 a 4 jugadores (009RVM) , color/modelo surtido
  • Above and Below Game
  • Number of players: 4
  • Paqueteage Weight: 1.84 kilograms
  • Paqueteage Dimensiones: 7.4 L x 29.6 H x 29.6 W (centimeters)

The Voyages of Marco Polo I y II

During a trip from Venice to Beijing, you will be managing resources, trading, and collecting the points you need to be the winner. In each city, you will have to set up shops and fulfill commercial deals. However, to travel you have to pay the cost of the routes, so manage your resources well.

There is a very important luck factor: Workers are placed with dice, and the number that falls is the effectiveness of their work.

In the case of the second edition, Marco Polo will have to put himself at the service of the Khan and visit new cities in the East. In Marco Polo II, we will find the same system but with improved rules that reduce the luck factor and bring us new characters.

Marco Polo II is independent from the first one, so you won’t need to have Marco Polo I to play this one!

Players: 2-4

Duration: 20 min per player.

Para disfrutar de lo lindo con mecánicas de juego sencillas, y partidas rápidas, compra juegos de mesa de entre estas sugerencias: 


It is a game of worker placement and resource management. In the board game Village, you will have a family to look after and make prosper.
In order to do so, the members of your family will be able to exercise professions, hold positions, and work in different areas. You will manage resources such as grains, influences, and money.

This game has a new element: Time is another resource, which is measured and managed, and the expenditure of it has consequences.

This makes the development of the game much more similar to real-life than in other similar games.
For example, the actions that are carried out waste time, and when a family member runs out of time, he dies. Very realistic… don’t you think?

Players: 2-4

Duration: 1 ½ hour

Terraforming Mars

And now, we’re abruptly moving from reality to science fiction. Because Terraforming Mars is a futuristic game, where you are going to lead a very powerful corporation that is going to take care of, nothing more and nothing less… transforming the planet Mars to make it habitable!

To do this you will extract minerals from remote celestial bodies, populate Mars with plants and animal species, bombard its surface with asteroids, build cities…

But…none of this will be done quietly, without being disturbed, because you will be competing with the other players, whose corporations are committed to the same thing: to achieve the leading role in the biggest enterprise ever undertaken in the history of mankind. So good luck!

Players: 1-5

Duration: 90-120 min

Stronghold Games , Terraforming Mars , Board Game , Ages 14+ , 1-5 Players , 90 - 120 Minute Playing Time
  • Terraforming Mars es un divertido juego de mesa táctico para amigos de la familia.
  • Este es el juego base. Amplía tu juego con emocionantes expansiones
  • Este juego de mesa estratégico para dibujar cartas consiste en recolectar recursos para ayudarte a habitar y colonizar Marte.
  • Con más de 200 tarjetas de proyecto diferentes, algunas de las cuales solo pueden activarse mediante eventos específicos. Debes planificar cuidadosamente con antelación para ganar el juego
  • Versión en inglés | a partir de 14 años | 1-5 jugadores | 120 minutos de juego


Feudum is a game with many rules, but don’t be afraid, they are quickly mastered. Here, you are an outcast who will try to become powerful, after having lost everything.

It has a board divided into regions, and in them, there are various locations, interconnected with each other. You’re going to control characters that move around the board, organizing guilds, creating founds, and making them prosper.

The game goes through 5 phases, called “ages” when you finish all of them, it ends. The points accumulated by the players are added up and the winner is defined.

Players: 2-5

Duration: 80-180 min

Trimegistus: The Ultimate Formula

This one’ s just sensational! Here you will compete with the best alchemists in the world, to see who finds the central purpose of this science first: The formula of the Philosopher’s Stone.

The game is played by completing experiments. You must also reach the best possible level of mastery in one of the elements (earth, air, fire, or water).

The game is made up of 3 rounds. In each round you will roll the dice to find out what action you can do: get elements, refine them, acquire artifacts, start a new experiment… In parallel to this, you have to be careful to complete your Philosopher’s Stone.

Each of these actions earns you points. In the end, they are added up to find out who is the best alchemist.

Players: 1-4

Duration: 90-120 min

Concordia: Gallia y Corsia

In this eurogame, you will build port cities to get your colonists out of the Mediterranean Sea. To have resources you will trade, and practice merchant shipping. You must be agile in crossing the English Channel quickly so that your rivals will have a hard time reaching Britain.

Players: 2-5

Duration: 90 min

Rio Grande Games 499 Concordia Juego
655 Opiniones
Rio Grande Games 499 Concordia Juego
  • They allow a player to choose actions during the game.
  • hey are worth victory points (VPs) at the end of the game.

We hope you liked our selection. If you miss a game, tell us in the comments and we will add it!

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