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The Best 25 Board Games for 3 Players

The number of players that support board games is an important element to consider when choosing which one to buy.
Depending on how many people you have to play with, the type of game you are interested in purchasing will depend.

For example, if you want board games for when you have a party, or when you meet on weekends with a large group of friends, it doesn’t make sense to invest in a game that only admits 4 players.

No matter how great the game is, you’d have to queue up to play or have several games, which may not be very satisfying when the goal is ultimately to have fun together.

In this case, games that can handle many people are best.

But today we’ll focus on the opposite situation: If you’re looking for a good board game for three people, you don’t want to play a game with more than three players, or one that, although it can be played with fewer people, only reaches its maximum potential with more players.

If you are one of those who play with your family, or with two friends at most, you will be happy to have the collection of board games for three players that I bring you here.


In this fun game, you work with 3 types of cards: Fruit Cards, Bird Cards, and Scarecrow Cards.
The objective is to plant fruit trees, which is achieved by playing fruit cards, placing the same type, one below the other, in the form of a column. Each column is a fruit tree, of its respective species.

In order to be the most prosperous farmer, one must do everything, including sabotaging the orchard of one’s rivals.
This is why they play the “Bird Cards“, undesirable crows that devour the fruit. When a bird is placed in a rival orchard, the owner must use his turn to get rid of it.
If he doesn’t succeed, the crow eats a fruit (a card is removed from the column) and will remain there, eating more, as long as he is not scared off.

To get rid of the birds, use the Scarecrow Cards, with which you can also divert the damned bird to someone else’s garden. But beware, if the Scarecrow stays in a fruit tree, he cannot be attacked by crows, but you cannot add fruit cards to him either, i.e. the fruit tree cannot grow. So you have to use the Scarecrow intelligently.

Have fun spoiling your opponents’ fruit trees, while yours are prospering more and more. Whoever manages to keep their fruit trees loaded will be the winner.

Disney Villanous

Who doesn’t know Malefic, Jafad, or Captain Hook? Would you like to be in their shoes, playing your own? Well, that opportunity is offered to you by Disney Villanous, where you could also play Prince John, Ursula, or the Queen of Hearts.

The villains fight each other to become the dominant evil. The Villanous Cards define the abilities and powers of each one, according to the circumstances of the movie from which each one comes.

The Cards of Fate contain the heroes that face them, and they will be the weapons that your opponents will use against you. For example, if you are Hook, they will surely stir up Peter Pan; and if you are Jafad, they will use Aladdin. You will also find items in these cards, and the effects you can cause.

Each villain has his own missions to accomplish, which are reflected on the personal board. You advance through the board, whose squares indicate the actions to be performed. Whoever manages to solve all of them first, will prove to be the best villain in history, and therefore the winner of this game. Show your level of villainy, and hinder the others as much as you can, so that no one can outdo you!

King of New York

I don’t know if you know King of Tokyo, or if you’ve already played it, but I can tell you that this one I’m proposing today is another game, with the same dynamic, but more complex and better elaborated.

The city of New York is plagued with several terrible monsters that seek its total destruction (Godzilla, King-Kong, etc.). But you are not going to play in the shoes of the hero whose mission is to save the city. On the contrary: you will be the monster.

By means of dice rolls, you define the actions you will perform, all worthy of a monster who respects himself: Destroying buildings and areas of the city, crushing military convoys, liquidating other creatures… You will also be able to acquire energy, which improves your health, and in addition, energy chips are used as a bargaining chip to buy cards that give more devastating actions.

Successful actions earn you stars, as a reward. The winner will be the one who manages to defeat all the opponents, or whoever accumulates 20 stars first.

Where has destruction been seen to be allowed, and even rewarded? At King of New York, obviously!

Iello 51170 - King of New York (English)
  • Control remoto incluido: No
  • número de jugadores: 6
  • Heidelberger Spieleverlag, Iello , HUCH y sus amigos
  • Autor Richard Garfield
  • Tiempo de juego 40 min

The Castles of Burgundy

Move to medieval France, and live a feudal adventure full of exciting experiences. You will be a nobleman who intends, at all costs, to make his domains prosper.
To do so, you must build, trade by land and by river navigation, in short, activities that will raise your feud into importance and wealth.

Each player has his feud represented on an individual board, and tiles are placed to make them grow, according to how efficiently they manage it. Throughout 5 phases, of 5 rounds each, you will strive to carry out successful actions, which will generate victory points.

Life in those distant times was hard, but lack of emotion and glamour… No way! In The Castles of Burgundy, you will see for yourself.

Four expansions are included in the game, so you can enjoy it to its full potential, without any extra costs.

Ravensburger - Juego de Mesa Los Castillos de Borgoña (versión en inglés)
  • Edición en inglés.
  • Edad: a partir de 12 años. Número de jugadores: 2-4. Duración del juego: 30-90 minutos.
  • Fabricante: Ravensburger USA.
  • Los Castillos de Borgoña es un conjunto de juego de estrategia detallada en el Valle del Loira de Francia durante la época medieval.
  • Los jugadores asumen el papel de los príncipes que tratan de construir las más grandes haciendas en la tierra por cada vez más próspera que sus competidores.


It’s time to explore the exotic island of Karuba to find the treasures hidden there! You’ll lead your own team of 4 explorers, taking the island from the coast to the depths of the jungle.

The goal is to reach the ruins of ancient temples, where great treasures are hidden. Along the way, your explorers will find diamonds and gold nuggets, which, along with the big treasure in the temple, complete the score that will determine the winner.

Each player has a personal board, which represents their portion of the island. One of the players will be the chief explorer and will randomly draw numbered road tiles. Guided by the number of the tile, you’ll find the corresponding tile in your own pile, and place it on your board.

You have to be clever to make a route that leads your 4 explorers to their respective temple as soon as possible. There are tiles containing, in addition to a piece of path, diamonds, and nuggets, which are collected.

The game ends when the tiles are gone, or when one of the players manages to lead all his explorers to the temple.

Add up the points: 1 point for each diamond, 2 points for each nugget, plus the value of the temple treasures, and you’ll know the winner.

Haba 303589 karuba – el Juego de Cartas
5 Opiniones
Haba 303589 karuba – el Juego de Cartas
  • Nueva variante de la galardonada karuba más vendido
  • Para grandes grupos de hasta 6 jugadores
  • Caja pequeña, gran juego


This is a game of the Scrabble family, but it has its own characteristics. It will be one of your favorites if you are a fan of word games.

The letters are chosen at random, but that doesn’t mean that luck is in charge. It’s up to your skill to earn more points, if you are able to form longer and more complicated words. You’ll have a lectern or stand where you place the letter tiles you have before your eyes, and with them you place them on the board, forming words.

Be careful with the board, because it contains squares that have the effect of doubling, and even tripling, the value of the letters that land on them. Some even increase the value of the whole word!

In each turn, you will only have 1 minute to make words, which is measured with an hourglass.

You need your brain to be working constantly, sorting the letters in the storehouse of your mind, so that when your turn comes, you can make the most of the time allowed. Try to make better words, and place them in helpful boxes, as I told you before.
The words can be intercepted in a crossword puzzle, so you can take advantage of the words you have already created, or those of your rivals.

Falomir - Juego de Mesa Intelec De Luxe | Educativo para Mejorar Vocabulario y Ejercitar la Mente | Incluye Marcadores, Fichas de Letras y Reloj de Arena
  • 🧠 Falomir Intelec De Luxe, un juego que ejercita tu mente mientras te diviertes. Ideal para mejorar tu vocabulario y agilidad mental en cada partida. Perfecto para reuniones familiares o con amigos
  • 🎲 Con este juego de mesa, cada partida es un nuevo desafío. Dependerás del azar al coger las letras y de tu habilidad para componer palabras y obtener la máxima puntuación. ¿Estás listo para el desafío?
  • 📚 Incluye 100 fichas de letras, 1 bolsa de tela para las letras, 1 reloj de arena, 4 regletas con marcador y 12 pivotes de marcación. Todo lo necesario para disfrutar de horas de diversión y aprendizaje
  • 🌈 Con un diseño multicolor y fabricado en plástico, este juego de mesa es resistente y duradero. Además, su diseño colorido y atractivo lo hace perfecto para todas las edades
  • ⏳ Además de ser un juego divertido y educativo, Intelec De Luxe también te enseña a gestionar tu tiempo gracias a su reloj de arena. Una herramienta perfecta para aprender mientras juegas


Time to travel to ancient times, when the city of Sanctum was dominated by the demon Malghazar, who came out of the depths of hell. The goal of this game is to defeat this creature of darkness and to do so you will assume the role of one of the heroes who face him.

You have to go around the city, fighting Malghazar’s henchmen, gaining experience, and collecting useful items for the final battle, which takes place in the Cathedral, where the head demon lies in a jade sarcophagus.

Battles are fought over dice, but that doesn’t mean that winning or losing depends solely on luck, because the skills your character possesses and the items you have can alter the effects of the dice rolls.

Sanctum - Versión Inglesa
  • Sanctum es un juego de aventura épica, inspirado en el clásico hack-and-slash, monstruo slayer y loot agarrando video juego rpg bondad, convertido en un juego de mesa moderno.
  • Como uno de los héroes, se embarcará en una búsqueda para librar la tierra de una invasión demoníaca, luchando por su camino a través de innumerables enemigos y enfrentando al Señor de Demonios.
  • El mecánico de lanzamiento de dados engañosamente simple resulta ser un delicado táctico una vez que te das cuenta de que equipar el equipo correcto es una parte crucial de sobrevivir en estas tierras hostiles.


An extraordinary game that merges scape room mode with hidden roles – the combination is magnificent!

You are lost in a huge and dark library, a maze of corridors and doors, and you need to find your way out. You find a grimoire, an ancient magic book (one of the players takes that role), which will provide the clues to escape. Cryptic clues to be deciphered, very typical of magic books, right?

To top it all off, one of your companions is an undercover traitor, who will only try to frustrate your efforts and confuse you all.

On each round, only the grimoire and the traitor know which door to go through, because everyone has to close their eyes when the door is selected. No one sees that the traitor opens his eyes.

The grimoire then places two images on its pages, which contain clues to identify the correct door. The players debate among themselves, with the traitor trying to lead them to the wrong conclusion. They all vote for a door, according to their interpretation of the clues.

If at least one of the players is right, they all go through the door and move on, but they get deducted cohesion points for each wrong vote. If the traitor manages to confuse them enough, and the sharpness of the others is not so good, the cohesion points will quickly run out and the traitor will have won the game.

The players only win the game if they can find their way out.

Obscurio Board Game
  • Players 2-8
  • Playing time 40 mins
  • Ages 10+

Escape Tales: The Awakening

The Awakening has the power to trap you from the start to the point where you engage in a game that can last for hours, without you noticing the time passing by. It could extend from 3 to 6 hours!

You play the role of Sam, a troubled father who has lost his wife and his only daughter who has fallen into a deep coma, with no medical solution. Someone reveals to him the existence of a mysterious magical ritual that can wake up his daughter.
And there, this extraordinary adventure begins, where you have to go through various locations in search of objects and other elements necessary to complete the ritual.

You will have many obstacles in your way, such as unraveling intricate riddles, puzzles to solve (which are always related to what is happening and are perfectly inserted in the story), etc. In this game, nothing happens without a reason.

An essential element of this game is a web created specifically for it. You only need the internet once, to load the page, after that it works offline. In it, you decide if the puzzles were well solved, and you are given clues for when you are lost without knowing what to do.

It’s a fascinating story that involves you completely, as much as the character, which you get to know in depth, becoming familiar with his way of thinking and his feelings – even his memories are decisive for winning the game!

The game has so many options, so many ways in which the action can flow, that in the first game you don’t get to see everything, you don’t get to see all the surprises that are hidden in it. Your decisions will take you one way, but the game has many other alternatives. So it’s perfectly replayable.


This game is a real gem! It’s four games in one:

  • Sonny Sciabola’s Chance: The story of a gangster who does his own thing while the police are on his trail to catch him.
  • The Labyrinth Guardian: A group of adventurers enters the maze of the Minotaur to try to steal the treasure it holds.
  • Das Boot: One player controls the submarine and has several target naval bases, which he must destroy. Meanwhile, the patrol ships try to locate and torpedo it, before it manages to complete its mission.
  • Arsenio Lupin’s Last Stand: The notorious thief enters a museum to steal a priceless emerald. The agents have to try to prevent him from getting away with it.

The fact that 24h has these 4 variants, besides the possibility of playing them all more than once by exchanging roles, makes this game a wonder. Do you see why I told you that it is a jewel?

Alien: Perfect Organism

Yes, there are several games inspired by the movie Alien. However, this one I suggest today gives you the opportunity to have totally different gaming experience. It turns out that in this game you won’t be fighting the dreaded alien. On the contrary, you will be the alien!

Each player will play the role of a queen and control the majestic specimen and her offspring. They will compete with each other to dominate the planet LV-426. You will need to build the largest hive of all, with enough nests and eggs to constantly replenish your strength. You will attack the colony that sits there in order to provide humans with a place to evolve the facehuggers into adult aliens. Once prepared, you will fight with the other queens and their hives to take control of the planet.

Who will the common enemies be? None other than Lieutenant Ripley and Newt, the little girl survivor. So, you dare to try out for the bad guys?

Terminator Genesys: Rise of the Resistance.

There’s very little left of humanity, the machines have wiped out the humans. The survivors have formed The Resistance, an organization that fights to eliminate Skynet, the powerful machine that runs everything.

Co-operatively, you and your fellow players must complete 7 missions, to finally reach the heart of Skynet and its most important weapon: the time machine.

This game gives you the opportunity to join the climax of the Terminator saga by taking part in the final battle, the point at which the survival of the human race is decided.
Like in the movies, the game is full of action and adrenaline, moments of tension, and occasions to exercise heroism in desperate situations


The TimeLine, as it is also called, is a game that consists of placing the cards in chronological order, according to the time corresponding to their contents.

The cards are placed with the date facing down, so you will have to rely on your knowledge. When you turn them over, if the date indicates that you have made a mistake, you will have to pick up the misplaced cards. The winner is the one who succeeds in placing them all first, that is, the one who is best placed in time.
Besides being fun, it is a game in which you can learn a lot, and very comprehensive, since there are different versions of Timeline, according to their subject: Science, Inventions, Film and Music, Events, and even one based on the movie Star Wars.


This is quite a classic of board games. You have to get rid of the cards, following a very simple mechanic of matching cards, until you manage to get none before the others.
You can’t forget that when you have a card left, you have to yell Uno! because if you forget it and another player yells it for you, you will have to take more cards from the deck.

A fluid and quick game, that leaves you wanting to play again every time.

In addition to the UNO Classic, you can find themed versions to choose from:
UNO Flip, with double-sided cards; UNO Junior, for the kids; UNO Deluxe, packed in its elegant, colorful metal box; UNO Extreme, with an electronic card dispenser that surprises you every time you steal; or others based in popular topics like UNO Frozen, inspired in the popular Disney movie.


This is a series of games, consisting of 8 exciting titles: The Abandoned Cabin, The Forgotten Island, The Pharaoh’s Tomb, The Polar Station, The Secret Lab, The Sunken Treasure, The Forbidden Castle, and The Mystery Museum.

In each one, you will live the adventure of looking for the exit of chilling places, having to solve intricate riddles, etc.
Exit is a game designed to make you think.


Changing the tone of the quick games, let’s move on to Citadels, a game to be immersed for more than an hour. That is just with the basic game, but if you get fond of it, as it will surely happen, you can buy the expansions and recreate yourself much longer.

It’s all about becoming an expert master-builder of the medieval era, to win the favor of the king. Since you will be the boss of the work, you will have to take care of everything, from the financing and the plans, to every detail of the execution.

Fantasy Flight Games WR01 Citadels Classic Edition
  • Experimenta un juego de cartas muy popular en su forma original
  • Citadels Classic te trae el juego de dibujo de cartas e intriga de Bruno Faidutti ya que fue publicado por Fantasy Flight Games en 2002
  • Con reglas fáciles de aprender e interacciones sociales atractivas, Citadels Classic es un juego de nivel básico perfecto para jugadores más jóvenes o menos experimentados.
  • A partir de 10 años
  • Tiempo de reproducción de 30 a 60 minutos

Stone Age

Do you like resource management games? This is a classic of the industry. In this game, you will travel back in time to The Stone Age, and there, very much like a caveman, you will earn your living and seek prosperity.
How? By creating farms, mining quarries, manufacturing in the workshops, and so on. You will also have to take care of feeding your people and looking after their safety.

Throughout your journey into the past, you will accumulate points for your actions, and if you have enough, you will be the winner.

Z-Man Games ZMG71260 Stone Age Board Game
  • Un juego de estrategia con gran rejugabilidad
  • Trabajo de arte hermoso para coincidir con el tema
  • Fácil de aprender, pero necesita tiempo para dominar
  • Edad 10 +
  • 2-4 jugadores

Above and Below

There’s something about this worker placement game that sets it apart from others of its kind: Not all the action happens on the surface, but you have to work underground as well. There are many activities that can be done to accumulate points, success will depend on how careful you are when planning your actions.

You must take advantage of your game turns because there are only 7 rounds to accumulate points and try to get the winner’s crown.

Red Raven Games - Juego de cartas Above and Below, de 1 a 4 jugadores (009RVM) , color/modelo surtido
  • Above and Below Game
  • Number of players: 4
  • Paqueteage Weight: 1.84 kilograms
  • Paqueteage Dimensiones: 7.4 L x 29.6 H x 29.6 W (centimeters)

The Voyages of Marco Polo

A game worthy of bearing the name of the famous traveler, because you will certainly undertake a fantastic journey that starts in Venice and ends in Beijing. But it won’t be a tourist voyage.

In this game you will have to work hard if you want to win the game: Founding commercial establishments, making and keeping juicy agreements, and so on. All this to be able to afford the trips of the journey and to accumulate the wealth that will take you to the winner’s podium.

Eldritch Horror

Do you like the combination of magic and terror? Well, you’re looking at a game that has both, in large quantities.

You will have to solve the chaos in which the world has fallen, since some creepy creatures have entered through portals from other dimensions, sowing terror and death. You must investigate how to close the portals.
You’ll encounter magical objects, spells and more, and deal with them all while gathering the clues you need.

Fantasy Flight Games - Juego de Miniatura (FFGEH01) (versión en inglés)
2.047 Opiniones
Fantasy Flight Games - Juego de Miniatura (FFGEH01) (versión en inglés)
  • Juego de aventura por tramas de ritmo rápido que contiene 550 piezas
  • Adecuado para 1-8 jugadores
  • Piezas hechas de material de carton
  • Inspirado en el juego de mesa más vendido, Arkham Horror
  • Edad recomendada: +14 años

Love Letter

Here we go again with a simple card game. It’s simple, yes, but very fun. It’s a deck of cards representing characters. Each one has special skills, which characterize them.

Players are challenged against each other trying to guess what cards the opponents have in their hands, and they are guided by the characters’ skills.

Each time someone is ratted out, he loses points, while the one who guessed correctly wins.

Alderac Entertainment Group Love Letter - Juego de Mesa (versión en inglés)
  • Un juego de riesgo, la deducción y la suerte
  • ¿Se puede ganar el corazón de la princesa?
  • Tiempo de juego 20 minutos
  • 2-4 jugadores
  • Edad 10 +

Game of Thrones Trivia

Do you have any friends who are fans of Game of Thrones? But I mean like fanatics that really know the plot of the show inside out.
If so, this is the perfect game to have a great time with your friends.
It’s recommended that before you play, you review the first four seasons… but that’s no sacrifice for you, right?

The game consists of answering questions that will show how much you know about Game of Thrones. I don’t think there is anything better for true lovers of that fantastic story of ice and fire.

HBO Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game
  • Ages 18+
  • Players 2+
  • Playing time 30-60 minutes
  • Hecho en España

The main goal of this game is to solve crimes, so if you like the detective spin, you’ll be in your element while playing Clue.

Before you start playing, you put a suspect card, a room card, and a gun card in The Secret Envelope, without looking at them. The envelope opens only when a player throws in an accusation, like: The killer is? did it in? using the gun?. When opening the envelope, if it’s found that he has hit the nail on the head, he will win.

How do you draw enough conclusions to make a concrete accusation? Well, you have to go around the board investigating the rooms to collect clues. You have to be skillful and play with concentration so that no detail will escape you.

19.113 Opiniones
  • que cometió el asesinato en la mansión ?.
  • eliminar a los sospechosos y descubrir quién lo hizo, con qué y dónde.
  • adivinar correctamente el asesino para ganar.
  • la introducción de un nuevo personaje, el dr. orquídea como uno de los sospechosos.
  • incluye 1 tablero, fichas 6, 6 armas en miniatura, 30 tarjetas (6 cartas de personaje, 6 tarjetas de armas, tarjetas de la habitación 9, y 9 tarjetas de pistas, 1 caso de archivos sobre, 1 bloc de hojas del cuaderno de detectives, 2 dados, y la guía del juego


In a dreary mansion dwells the ghost of a murdered man. One of the players will play the role of the ghost, to give clues to the other players, the investigators, who must unravel the mystery.

The clues must be interpreted because they are visions that the ghost gives. From them, you will try to find the right set of suspicious-weapon-homicidal place, so you can be the winner of the game.

As you can see, it’s similar to Clue in its mechanics, but here you have the help of the Phantom, as another resource to obtain clues.

Betrayal at House of the Hill

This game starts off on a cooperative note, with players having to work together to unravel the mysteries of the hill house.
But one of the players, who you won’t know is affected by the evil powers that are throbbing there and turns against his companions.

It’s a thrilling adventure, with added terror, but I can’t tell you more about it, so as not to ruin the element of surprise.

You can play many games, without being bored, thanks to the interchangeable scenarios that the game brings, and its multiple possibilities of combination of actions.

Well, you can be sure that the range of games on offer is large and varied. You can no longer say that with only 3 players there is little variety of games to look for!

Don’t buy your games without making sure they are suitable for the number of players you have, don’t spend your money foolishly.

You can perfectly well buy a board game for 3 players, after having considered what kind of game you all want, what theme you prefer, if you want short and quick games or a game made for several hours of entertainment.

Make sure you have the perfect board game for those occasions when, wanting to avoid cheering, you want to spend the afternoon relaxing, playing with only 2 more friends.

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