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UNO Attack Rules

UNO is possibly one of the most popular card games in the world.

This is probably due to the speed of its games, the dynamism of the game, a large number of players it accepts, the variants it has, and its low price.

That is why, in this article, we are going to tell you, in a simple way, how to play the UNO so you can get down to business and have fun with your friends.

Let’s get started!

Instructions for playing UNO Attack. How do I play?

First of all, you must have a deck of UNO, which in case you don’t have it, you can buy it here.

To start the game, shuffle all the cards in the deck and deal 7 cards, face down, and without anyone seeing them, to each player.

You must know that the game allows two players to a maximum of 10, recommending at least 7 years old (although a child under seven years can also play with the help of an adult)

After the 7 cards are dealt, the rest are placed face down on the table, in what we will call the Draw Pile (see picture)

Next to the cards that are still to be dealt with, you will have to leave another space for what is known as the Discard Pile, which is the place where the cards that have already been played will go.

Once you have these two spaces established, the game begins!

The initial structure of UNO, 7 cards in each hand, Draw Pile and space for the Discard Pile

Rules for playing UNO

With all the cards dealt, the player to the left of the person who has dealt will start playing. However, you can choose to start with the one on the right, the oldest one at the table, or whatever you want.

Now, having decided which player starts, you will follow the clockwise direction to follow the turns.

To explain the game well, first, we must understand the cards we have in our hand

Meaning of UNO Cards and Types.

There are number cards with a specific color. These are the most abundant in the game, and they do not have any special actions.

You should know that these number cards range from 0 to 9 and have four possible colors (blue, yellow, green and red)

In addition to these cards, there are the cards in the image above:

  • Draw 4: When you play this card, the next player must draw four cards. In addition, you can choose the color you change to.
  • WILD: Choose the color you want to change the cards now.
  • Draw 2: The next player draws two cards
  • Skip: the next player does not play this turn
  • Reverse: change the order of play in the opposite direction. If the player on the right used to play, he will now play the one on the left and the order will be maintained counter-clockwise.

Goal of UNO. How to win?

The main objective of UNO is to run out of cards in the hand, so the dynamic is very simple, the more cards you force your opponents to draw and the fewer cards you have to draw, the better.

However, be careful, when you have one card left in your hand, you will have to yell UNO! If they say UNO before you, you will have to draw 2 cards obligatorily as a penalization.

The moment you have thrown away all your cards, legally, you have won the game. The game will continue until there is only one player left with cards in his hand.

How to start a game of UNO

como jugar al uno
Game of UNO

To start the game, a card is placed on the Discard Pile, and the player in turn must place a card on top of it.
This player may place a card if it matches the number, color, or symbol or action of the card that is on the Discard pile.

For example, if there is a blue card with the number 4 on the pile, the player may place any green card, or any card with the number 4 (4 blue, 4 red or 4 yellow).

In addition, if you have no cards, you can also use the joker cards, both Draw 4 and WILD Cards. However, we recommend that you save these cards for the end of the game, as they are not as valuable at first!

If you don’t have any cards to lay, you will have to draw a card. If you can play it, you have to play it.
However, if you can’t, the turn will be passed to the next person.

On top of that, the rules of the game are very clear, only one card per turn. No hiding three cards in one, cheater!


  • If the first card on the discard pile is an action card, that action applies to the player who starts playing. For example, if it is a turn skip, that player will directly lose the turn and move on to the next.
  • If the first card is a joker, the starting player will choose the color that suits him best.
  • If the first card is a Draw 4 or Draw 2, the first player will have to do that.

The game follows its normal order until a player has only one card left. This is the time you will have to shout UNO! However, if this player is beaten, he will have to draw 2 cards.

Also, if the player has a card, has shouted UNO! and cannot play, he will have to draw a card. If, after drawing it, he can play it, he will have to yell UNO! again.

Therefore, whenever you get a card, you will have to yell UNO!

The game continues until there are only 2 players left, who will challenge each other until one is proclaimed the winner.

How to Score in UNO

There are many different versions to play UNO.

Perhaps the most popular is to play quick games where the goal is to come first and not lose the game. The player who finishes first wins 1 point and the player who finishes last loses 1 point.

The overall winner will be the one who reaches 10 points.

Alternative Versions of UNO

However, another very popular version is the one with a point system.

In this case, the game is over when a player finishes all the cards in his hand.

When this happens, all the cards held by the other players in his hand are shown, and all the points are added up for the winner based on the following table:

Cards from 0 to 9By its numerical value
Card Draw 450 points
Card WILD50 points
Card Draw 220 points
Card Skip Turn20 points
Card Reverse20 points

The player who reaches 500 points will be victorious.

You can decide which version you like best, or even invent your own mode.

The beauty of the game UNO is that as it is so simple to play, you can play many games in a row and decide what happens to the winner and the loser.

So, what is the UNO mode that you like to play the most?

Did you know that there are thousands of different editions of UNO? Here are a few of them. Explore Amazon and find out more!

Mattel Games Toy Story 4 - Juego de Cartas de UNO de Disney Pixar - GDJ88
Mattel Games Toy Story 4 - Juego de Cartas de UNO de Disney Pixar - GDJ88
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12,97 € −19%
Mattel Games Disney Frozen 2, Juego de Cartas (GKD76)
Mattel Games Disney Frozen 2, Juego de Cartas (GKD76)
El clásico juego de cartas de siempre, ahora con la encantadora temática de frozen ii

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