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The Best Cooperative Board Games

When it comes to home entertainment, board games are one of the best options. You donÔÇÖt need a lot of tools or a lot of space to enjoy a good time with your friends or family.

A good board game will give you a great time, make everyone laugh, and at the same time reinforce values and skills such as teamwork.
There are different types of board games, some are focused on the competition, and others on collaboration. The latter ones are the so-called ÔÇťcooperative board gamesÔÇť.

Cooperative board games are those in which the players, instead of competing with each other, must join efforts and strategies to achieve a certain goal. Thus, it is not that one player is a winner, but that all players win or lose as a team.
It is precisely in this type of game on which we will focus in this article, bringing a list of cooperative board games recommended for different tastes and interests.

Pandemic: Fall of Rome

This is a cooperative game that can be played between 2 to 5 players, and has different levels of difficulty that are recommended for all ages. The game takes place in the 5th century A.D. during the decline of the Roman Empire and its plot is that players must implement different cooperative strategies to avoid the barbarian invasions and to preserve the integrity of the largest empire in the world.

Each game lasts an average of 50 minutes during which the team must forge alliances, recruit armies, and protect cities from invaders.

The game contains a board, 3 battle dice, 70 player cards, 7 character cards, 7 pawns, 7 reference cards, 49 barbarian cards, 100 barbarian cubes, 16 legions, 6 forts, 5 scale indicators, 1 invasion level indicator, 1 decline indicator, and 1 rulebook.

Juego de Mesa Pandemic
477 Opiniones
Juego de Mesa Pandemic
  • Juego de estrategia: Viaja de vuelta a la historia hasta la ├ępoca del mayor imperio del mundo: Roma. Debes reclutar ej├ęrcitos, fortificar ciudades, forjar alianzas y enfrentarte a las hordas invasoras en la batalla para detener la ca├şda de Roma
  • Juego de mesa cooperativo: Mejora las posibilidades de defenderse contra los invasores trabajando juntos y utilizando tus habilidades ├║nicas sabiamente. Solo a trav├ęs del trabajo en equipo tendr├ís la oportunidad de detener la horda invasante. Un juego realmente cooperativo donde ganas o pierdes juntos
  • El mejor imperio de la historia: A la altura de su poder, el Imperio Romano ten├şa m├ís de dos millones de millas cuadradas de territorio, pero las fronteras se han dejado abiertas a la invasi├│n. Los miembros de estas tribus invasoras migran a trav├ęs de las ciudades y el campo del Imperio. Si se dejan sin controlar, estos guerreros descartar├ín ciudades, procediendo a lo largo del camino a Roma
  • Une y protege el imperio: Con inminencia inminente, t├║ y tus compa├▒eros de equipo deben trabajar juntos para usar tus habilidades especiales, reunir a los soldados de la legi├│n romana y rodar los dados para luchar contra las hordas invasantes
  • M├║ltiples modos de reproducci├│n: Este juego familiar y adulto f├ícil de aprender se puede jugar con 1 a 5 jugadores. Juega como el emperador romano en el modo de juego ├║nico en solitario, o haz que tu grupo experimentado enfrente al desaf├şo del Caput Mundi Romano


The second place in our list is taken by Unlock! with an Escape Room theme, which consists of a set of puzzles, clues, and problems that must be solved with an ultimate goal: to escape from the place or room where the game puts you in.

This type of adventure has become incredibly popular in these recent years, especially because of the challenge involved.
It is also a cooperative game, so players will not be competing with each other, but will have to combine efforts to free themselves from the confinement.

In this type of game, the surprise factor plays a decisive role, so we cannot reveal too many details about it.
What we can say is that it is made up of 3 decks of cards, each with a different adventure and difficulty.

However, it is important to bear in mind that this type of game is not subject to replay since once you have discovered the right strategy to escape from the room, you will have completed the adventure for good.

These are the 3 best games of the Unlock! saga, The Exotic Adventures, The Space Cowboys Adventures, and The Mystery Adventures

Exit: The Sunken Treasure

This game is another one belonging to the Escape Room mode, only this time the story places you in the depths of the ocean, specifically in the Caribbean. The story takes place among the remains of the ship Santa Maria, which would have been shipwrecked while carrying priceless treasures, which are now adrift at sea.

In this game, you will have to use all the possible strategies to rescue the treasures of the Santa Maria and then go out to the so longed surface, but this task will not be easy, to achieve it you will have to undertake a dangerous adventure solving riddles. It is not only about getting rich with the gold from the ship but also about saving your life and that of your team of divers.

In addition to this Exit, there are many others worth trying, such as ┬ĘThe Sinister Mansion┬Ę or ┬ĘDead Man on the Orient Express┬Ę

Zombicide: Green horde

Another game that joins our list of recommended games is Zombicide: Green Horde.
In this opportunity, the saga presents us with a zombie adventure in which all the participants must cooperate to defeat the dead, among which this time there is a group of orcs that have been infected and are now part of the battalion of the dead.

As if a zombie invasion wasnÔÇÖt enough, in Green Horde the orcs are also a walking threat, making this battle a fight of the living against the dead. On your side, you will find a group of survivors willing to fight to the end to preserve the human species. You can use axes, knives, crossbows, and even magic spells to do so.
This game is recommended for players over 14 years old, and the game lasts an average of 60 minutes.

CMON Zombicide Green Horde | Juego de Mesa en miniaturas | A Partir de 14 a├▒os | 2 Jugadores | 45-60 Minutos de Tiempo de Juego
  • Los orcos y los seres humanos nunca han tenido una relaci├│n.
  • Las fronteras entre los dos grupos eran sitios regulares de conflicto, pero una gran cantidad de zombis orcos se han derramado.
  • A partir de 14 a├▒os
  • De 1 a 6 jugadores
  • Tiempo de juego de 60 minutos

Black Orchestra

In this cooperative game, you must join forces to end HitlerÔÇÖs life. The plan begins to form within a group of high commanders of the regime and should be performed in secret to avoid being discovered by the F├╝hrerÔÇÖs guard. The conspirators must use the cards to carry out three different actions: move, search, or draw a card.

The group of conspirators, called the ÔÇťBlack OrchestraÔÇŁ will do everything possible to place Hitler in the right place at the right time to carry out the attack. For this purpose, they will be able to perform different actions without drawing the attention of the Gestapo, which, upon realizing it, will order your execution and that of your allies, thus ending the game.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue

Another cooperative game thatÔÇÖs making headlines is Flash Point: Fire Rescue.
This is an adventure in which you will be a firefighter hero, and you and your team will have to use the implements of a firefighting team: masks, protective suits, and trucks.
Not only does your life and your teamÔÇÖs life depend on your performance, but also on hundreds of victims who are trapped in buildings and obviously suffering from panic attacks.

As you rescue victims from the building, the fire will be spreading to new areas and the challenge will be greater. The game will be over and the team will have failed if the death toll exceeds 4 people, as well as if the building collapses completely due to structural failure.

Indie Boards and Cards IBCFPF2 Flash Point Fire Rescue Second Edition Board Game
  • 2 a 6 jugadores
  • 30 minutos tiempo de juego
  • No hay dos juegos son siempre los mismos - y con dos conjuntos de reglas y 3 niveles de dificultad no es un reto que se ten├şa para todos


In Mysterium you will find a cooperative board game that also corresponds to the ÔÇťasymmetricÔÇŁ mode, called this way because the players donÔÇÖt have all the same level or role in the adventure, but one of them will take the role of a ghost while the others will be psychics. The objective of the game is to reconstruct the circumstances surrounding the death of the ghost.

To clarify his death, the ghost, who will be unable to speak, will be able to send strategic images to the psychics in order to let them know more and more clues about his death.

The adventure takes place in the Mysterium mansion, which is haunted by the ghost. The psychics have the objective of giving rest to the soul in sorrow of the ghost. To do so, they will have to solve the riddles about the night in which the death occurred.

Time Stories

Time Stories is a narrative and cooperative board game that unfolds in a futuristic vision of the world. A reality in which humanity has managed to manipulate time and space, bringing with it incredible opportunities for development, but also multiple threats to the human race.
But time manipulation has its risks, and to control them the agency T.I.M.E. has been created.

The aim of the game is to become part of the T.I.M.E. agency to protect the temporal space continuum. To do so, you will have to decipher enigmas, puzzles, and riddles.
All players join forces against the game, which is full of traps and challenges.
Each deck is a different adventure so you can expand the game as you add new decks, you will have more and more missions to solve.

Space Cowboys ASMSCTS01US T.I.M.E. Stories
  • La Agencia T.I.M.E protege la humanidad evitando fallos temporales y paradoxas que amenazen el tejido de nuestro universo.
  • Como agentes temporales, t├║ y tu equipo ser├ín a los cuerpos de seres de diferentes mundos o realidades para completar misiones.
  • A partir de 10 a├▒os
  • De 2 a 4 jugadores
  • Tiempo de juego de 60 a 90 minutos

Mansions of Madness

Another cooperative game that could not be missing from our list of recommendations is The Mansions of Madness. This is an asymmetric cooperative game where one group of players represents the team of researchers while another player plays the role of the guardian. The game contains 3 different adventures that take place in mansions full of horror, insanity, and mystery.

At the beginning of each game, the guardian will decide the adventure and will make decisions that will modify the game in different ways, so that a single adventure can have multiple possible outcomes.

The guardian can consult the target card whenever he wants, while the investigators must guess as they obtain new clues. These clues will be hidden in the rooms of the mansion and to find them, the investigators will have to defeat the monsters that are handled by the guardian.

Fantasy Flight Games FFGMAD28 Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition: Path of The Serpent Expansion, Mixed Colours
  • Path of the Serpent es una expansi├│n para Mansions of Madness que env├şa a los investigadores al desierto inexplorado de la selva amaz├│nica
  • Los investigadores deben descubrir antiguos secretos de civilizaciones perdidas, detener la maldici├│n de una serpiente y explorar ruinas desmoronadas en tres nuevos escenarios digitales que introducen nuevos investigadores, rompecabezas y misterios para tentar a los curiosos a viajar m├ís profundamente en la selva
  • Tendr├ís que luchar contra dientes y garras para sobrevivir mientras luchas contra horripilantes criaturas serpientes, enfrentas monstruosidades de piedra que cobran vida y enfrentas el peligro siempre presente de perderte en la selva para siempre
  • Viaja a los confines olvidados de este mundo y descubre los secretos que te esperan
  • Este no es un producto independiente. Se requiere una copia del juego b├ísico de Mansions of Madness Second Edition para jugar

Arkham Horror

Arkham Horror is a cooperative board game composed of a board and whose history is developed in the myths of Cthulhu written by H.P. Lovecraft.
The plot is that the city is being invaded by monsters and supernatural forces. Players are tasked with investigating the portals that connect the city to other worlds in order to stop the invasion and save humanity.

The game presents a high degree of difficulty and is developed through five sequences: maintenance, movement, encounters in Arkham, encounters in the other worlds, and a myth phase.

The main objective of the game is to close a certain number of portals which will depend on the number of players. If a number of portals are opened at the same time, the first one, which is the highest-ranking monster, appears and the game is over. Since it is a cooperative game, the researchers lose or win together.

Fantasy Flight Games , Arkham Horror The Card Game, Card Game, Ages 14+, 1 to 2 Players, 60 to 120 Minutes Playing Time
2.582 Opiniones
Fantasy Flight Games , Arkham Horror The Card Game, Card Game, Ages 14+, 1 to 2 Players, 60 to 120 Minutes Playing Time
  • Difuminando las l├şneas tradicionales que separan un juego de rol de los juegos de cartas, Arkham Horror: Este Juego de Cartas es un Living Card Game Lovecraftiano de misterio, monstruos y locura.
  • Los jugadores asumen los roles de investigadores ├║nicos caracterizados por sus propias fortalezas y debilidades.
  • Para 1┬áo 2┬ájugadores (o hasta cuatro con dos juegos b├ísicos).
  • A partir de 14 a├▒os.
  • Tiempo de juego: 1┬áa 2┬áhoras

Chaos in the KidsÔÇÖ Room

This is a cooperative game for children created by Reiner Knizia that falls under the category of reflexes and reactions.

The story of the game takes place in a childrenÔÇÖs room where all the toys seem to have been moved by the little goblin Conrado Caosini. The game describes the little elf as a character who has fun messing up the kidsÔÇÖ rooms.

Players must cooperate to locate all the lost objects and return everything to its place. This game is intended to help children understand the value of order and cleanliness while developing teamwork skills and having fun. The best part of this game is that the pieces can be combined in multiple ways so each game ends up being different.

Each of these games has the particularity of encouraging cooperation among participants, joining efforts and strategies to achieve a common goal, instead of competing with each other. Cooperative games like these are a fun way to share with family and friends and can be played without many requirements in almost any place and occasion, from a birthday party to a barbecue at home.

Much of the appeal of these types of games is that players of almost all ages can get involved. In general, cooperative games represent a challenge that becomes more and more interesting until the final goal is achieved.

Here is a list of AmazonÔÇÖs best-selling cooperative board games

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