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Juegos de Mesa

The Best Card Games or Fillers

What people generally know as card games or fast games are those that more experienced board game players refer to as ¨fillers¨.

Fillers are board games whose main feature is that they set up quick games, about 15-20 minutes long.

It is true that most fillers are card games, but there are also dice and speed and reflex games included in this category.

Among the main characteristics of the Fillers we find:

  • They are games with a very simple methodology, which we can learn quickly by looking at the rules manual.
  • The matches last less than an hour.
  • They are light and space-saving games, which could also be categorized as travel board games
  • The matches are quickly set up (dealing cards, placing few items on the table, etc.)

So if you’re looking for a game to play on your holiday at the beach, to take to a country house or to party with friends, we recommend that you opt for a Filler-type game.

Here is our TOP Card or Filler game that we have selected for you:

Love Letter

For many, one of the best Fillers games out there.

Love Letter is a classic card game, where each player will represent a character with certain skills. What each character can do allows you to guess what cards your opponents have. This way, you can expose them and defeat them.

A fun game that you will have a lot of fun with.

Players: 2-4

Duration: 20 min

Jungle Speed

Jungle Speed is a game of cards and reflexes. You’ll love it if you’re a fan of surprises. The players throw one card each, at a time. Those who draw the same cards have to duel. How? Well, in the center of the table, a totem is placed, and the first one to grab it wins. The loser gets all the cards on the table.

Players: 3-8

Duration: 15 min

Las Vegas

A great game of cards and dices. The name speaks for itself: Casinos, gambling, money

There are 6 casinos in which you will place dice in each round, to compete for the winnings that the casinos throw. Try to dominate, because ties are not allowed.

After 4 rounds, the one with the most money wins.

Players: 2-5

Duration: 30 min

Ravensburger Las Vegas Royale Strategy Board Games for Families - Adults & Kids Age 8 Up
  • El juego de dados alegre Las Vegas, ahora aún más grandioso: los 2-5 jugadores visitan diferentes casinos y lanzar más dólares para lanzar más y más dólares
  • Incluye la nueva forma de juego Las Vegas Royale que es aún más emocionante y entretenida. Aquí vienen paneles individuales a los casinos, por medio de los cuales se puede ganar aún más dinero. O, mejor aún, molestar a sus compañeros de equipo
  • Las Vegas puro para todos los niños y adultos a partir de 10 años. Quien, después de tres pasadas, ha buscado la mayor parte del dinero, es el ganador de esta diversión de dados y el rey de Las Vegas. Duración del juego: 45-60 minutos
  • El juego de estrategia convence no solo por su hermoso diseño, sino también por el gran factor de diversión. Un regalo ideal para todos los fans de Las Vegas y alea para cumpleaños o Navidad
  • La submarca de juegos de mesa alea de Ravensburger es especialmente popular entre los estrategas. Se caracterizan por un estímulo de repetición particularmente fuerte y una mecánica de juego compacta. Además, varios juegos de alea han sido galardonados con premios nacionales e internacionales

Mal Trago

This is a hilarious filler! If a lot of people play it will be even better. The players play as globins, servants of a witch, who use them to test their potions.
You will try potions randomly, and you won’t know if it will be a deadly potion or a safe one… (Although there is none safe ones, if it doesn’t kill you, you might get a lizard’s tail, for example)

If you die from a potion, you don’t leave the game but become a ghost, you devote yourself to mortifying the other players. Pretty cool, huh?

Players: 4-8

Duration: 20-25 min

Exploding Kittens

In this fun game about kittens, your main duty will be to avoid stealing the exploding cat. You can use a card retailer to do so. However, if you get your opponents to do it before you do… They’ll blow up and you’ll be the winner!

Players: 3-6

Duration: 15 minutes

Exploding Kittens Original Edition by Exploding Kittens - Card Games for Adults Teens & Kids - Fun Family Games - A Russian Roulette Card Game, Multicolor
  • Una combinación entre un juego de cartas y la ruleta rusa potenciada por gatitos - El popular juego de fiestas para familiares y amigos amantes de los gatitos, las explosiones, los rayos láser y, en ocasiones, las cabras.
  • Un juego de cartas simple y divertido para niños y adultos - ¡El juego perfecto para cualquier ocasión, incluida una noche de juegos familiar, un día de playa, un viaje por carretera o beber con amigos!
  • Ganador del premio Game of the Year - Más de 10 millones de copias vendidas, batiendo récords en juegos para niños, juegos para adultos y todo lo que hay en medio.
  • Apto para principiantes, se puede aprender en 2 minutos - Si robas un Exploding Kitten, explotas, pierdes y quedas cubierto de un maloliente flujo de perdedor.
  • 56 cartas, con caja e instrucciones - Un juego de cartas simple para niños, bebedores, gatitos y adultos… no necesariamente en ese orden.

Cheating Moth

Permission to cheat? Who wouldn’t want to?

Well, this filler will give you a chance to do it and have a lot of fun.

The goal is to run out of cards and to do so you’ll have to throw them out in turns, in numerical order. BUT you’ll also get some uncomfortable moth cards, which you can only toss secretly.

So you must manage to camouflage them in your sleeve, in your hair, under the table… wherever you can!

But… among the players there is a guard bedbug, who is the only one who can accuse you of cheating. If you are caught, you must assume the position of the guard bug, and draw a card. But if the bedbug falsely accuses you, it will be the one to draw a card.

Players: 3-5

Duration: 15-20 min

Drei Magier - Juego de Cartas, para 6 Jugadores (Lion Rampant Imports 87144) (versión en inglés)
  • El juego de cartas donde se permite hacer trampa!
  • Versión Inglés
  • Ilustraciones por Rolf Vogt
  • Rápido y fácil de aprender
  • Para las edades 7 +

Star Realms

In a space setting, you’re going to found your own intergalactic trading fleet, and gain prosperity.
So far, it looks like a simple resource management game. But… Here comes the fight! You will use your fleet as a powerful army to attack your opponents and take theirs. From merchant to space pirate! Who will you be?

Players: 2

Duration: 20 min


This game only contains tiles in the form of numbers and cards, no more is needed. Well yes, a little bit of math. But don’t worry, it’s not logarithms or trigonometric equations, so relax and stop thinking about the math teacher who made your days so bitter.

To play Nmbr9 you’ll have to build a structure with the tiles, each with a numerical value. The higher the structure, the more points you earn. You multiply the value of the tile by the level it is at, and that’s it.

But watch out: The tiles can only be placed in the order designated by the cards that are coming out. You could’ve already smell that there was going to be a trapdoor somewhere, couldn’t you?

Players: 1-4

Duration: 20 min

Devir - NMBR9, juego de mesa - cartón (BG9)
  • A partir de 8 años
  • De 1 a 4 jugadores
  • Duración 20 minutos
  • Edición en castellano, catalán y portugués

Zombie Fluxx

A very common scenario: Fighting zombies
An unusual element: You will use the oddest weapons (from a simple stone to a powerful chainsaw), which you will find along the way, where you least expect it.

You’ll even be able to use zombies as your weapons! How will you do that? Find out by playing Fluxx Zombie.

Players: 2-6

Duration: 10-40 min

Zombie Fluxx, Multicolor, 1 Pack (Looney Labs LOO033)
4.759 Opiniones
Zombie Fluxx, Multicolor, 1 Pack (Looney Labs LOO033)
  • Un juego constantemente cambiante y desafiante , pero la luz y, en definitiva diversión
  • Introduce un nuevo tipo de tarjeta : The Creeper para el valor añadido de juego
  • 5-30 minutos Tiempo de Jugar
  • Edad 8 +
  • 2-6 Jugadores


In this game, you’re going to play with cards that represent different species of trees. There are a total of 10 species, and the cards have values from 1 to 8.

You have to place them in your playing area so that each one is attached to another on one side, and so form a chain with progression in the value of the cards. The first and last card in the chain must be from the same species of tree.

Players: 2-4

Duration: 30 min

Renegade Game Studio RGS0830 Arboretum, Mixed Colours
  • Juegos de cartas
  • Editorial: Renegade Game Studios
  • Categoría: juego de cartas

Ghost Blitz

This game is full of reflexes. It takes great association, and speed! There is a group of figures in the shape of objects, in different colors, and a number of cards.

When you throw a card, you must quickly associate the image of the card with the corresponding figure, in terms of shape and color.
The first person to get the right shape wins the round. Don’t think it’s easy, the cards are designed to make the match between card and figure very, very confusing. And you have to react in fractions of a second.

Most people end up holding the wrong figure in two hands, and even think they own the win!

A great game for the little ones in the house.

Players: 2-8

Duration: 30 min

Zoch 601129800 'Geistesblitz Game
  • Es un juego de reacción muy rápido
  • Cada carta que se voltea es un nuevo mini juego de cerebro para resolver
  • Este es un nuevo tipo de entrenamiento cerebral
  • Los reflejos rápidos son la clave

Star Wars: Empire Vs Rebellion

Galactic civil war breaks out because the Galactic Empire wants to eliminate the Rebel Alliance.

You’re going to play in the shoes of the famous Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, or even Darth Vader. Using cards and counters you decide the events and resources available.

Players: 2

Duration: 45 min.


In this filler, you will be an agent who meets his group in a secret location. Everyone knows the place in question, except the spy. Through a question and answer system, the spy aims to discover the location of the meeting, and the agents seek to discover the spy.

It’s a game of great tension and full of mistrust.

Players: 3-8

Duration: 15 min

Cryptozoic - Spyfall Time Travel - El Juego de Fiesta Encuentra al espía en el Pasado y el Futuro - A Partir de 13 años - para 2 a 8 Jugadores - Inglés
74 Opiniones
Cryptozoic - Spyfall Time Travel - El Juego de Fiesta Encuentra al espía en el Pasado y el Futuro - A Partir de 13 años - para 2 a 8 Jugadores - Inglés
  • TU MISIÓN: El mundo de Spyfall se ha vuelto al revés, como arena en un vaso de hora. El juego clásico con preguntas candentes, respuestas inteligentes y muchas sospechas está de vuelta. Esta vez va al pasado ... y al futuro. ¡Prepárate para un viaje a épocas y lugares memorables en el espacio y el tiempo! Expone al espía en una cueva neandertal o en una base lunar.
  • ENCUENTRA EL ESPIA: Desacredita al espía en 30 escenarios completamente nuevos. Hay varias formas de ganar, incluso en una variante de 2 y 3 jugadores. La duración del juego también es flexible, ya que los jugadores pueden determinar por sí mismos la duración de la ronda y el número de rondas.
  • SPYFALL TIME TRAVEL: ¡Prepárate para un viaje en el tiempo a épocas y lugares memorables en el espacio y el tiempo! Juega en un número acordado de rondas y gana ganando la mayor cantidad de puntos.
  • JUEGO VERSÁTIL: Juego independiente pero compatible con otros juegos de la serie Spyfall. Juego de mesa ideal para grupos grandes!
  • De 2 a 8 jugadores | A partir de 13+ | 15+ minutos | Versión en inglés


Pay attention, if you’re into deception. Character cards are dealt, and actions such as coin collecting, killing, card changing, etc. are performed.

Because in Coup you can lie, and you will need to do it A LOT. You’ll have to take on different roles and manage to pass yourself off as another character, but if you get caught… you’re toast!

Players: 3-8

Duration: 15 min

Indie Boards and Cards , Coup , Card Game , Ages 14+ , 2-6 Players , 15 Minute Playing Time
  • Duke: Toma tres monedas del tesoro. Impedir que alguien reciba ayuda extranjera
  • Asesino: paga tres monedas e intenta asesinar al personaje de otro jugador
  • Contessa: bloquea un intento de asesinato
  • Capitán: Toma dos monedas de otro jugador o evita que alguien te robe monedas
  • Embajador: roba dos cartas de personaje de la Corte (el mazo), elige cuál (si hay alguna) intercambiar con tus personajes boca abajo, luego devuelve dos. Bloquea a alguien para que no te robe monedas

Escape: From the Temple Curse

A tremendously active game, against the clock! You will have 10 minutes to escape from the temple. Each player has 5 dice of their own, they roll them independently, as fast as possible, and advance along the path of the temple.

There are chambers where certain magic stones are collected, but if you delay in leaving the chamber, you lose a die. Obviously, with fewer dice, you are at a disadvantage to your rivals.
The faster you go, and the more magic stones you collect, the faster you find your way out.

Players: 1-5

Duration: 10 min


In this hilarious game you will have to become a doctor whose main goal is to create a healthy human body. To do this, you will have to use a series of organ cards that will allow you to win the game.

But watch out! If your opponents infect you with their viruses, you won’t be able to win the game until you manage to cure them!

A very fun game that is part of our Top de Mejores Juegos de Mesa


An amazing card game where you have to let your imagination run wild so that the rest of the players can find out what cards you have in your hand.

But beware, in this game you can’t be too obvious or too far-fetched, so you’ll have to find the balance between game and game.

Get creative and enjoy playing Dixit

And with this we finish our selection with the best games in the filler category, or as we commoners would say, card games hehe.

If you miss any of them on our list, leave it in the comments and we will add it! 🙂

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