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Monopoly Rules. Learn How to Play

Monopoly is one of the most famous board games in history. This fascinating pastime is based on the exchange and sale of real estate, where the most audacious and strategic can become the main head of the business.

Playing Monopoly brings many advantages that you could use in your daily life; you can develop your concentration skills, your skills with numbers and, above all, you will be able to acquire an incredible skill when undertaking any negotiation.

So here at, we want to use this space to show you from beginning to end everything you need to know about Monopoly, so you can make the most of it by enjoying hours and hours with your family enjoying this incredible adventure.

Join us, we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Monopoly!

Hasbro Gaming Juego de Mesa Monopoly
  • Cartón, Para 2 a 8 jugadores
  • Importado, Con un troquel de velocidad para un juego más rápido e intenso de Monopoly
  • Monopoly es el juego de comercio de propiedades de rápido comercio que su tendrá toda la familia comprando, vendiendo y teniendo una explosión

Monopoly Classic Board Game. How to Play?

  • This classic family board game is designed to be played by 2 to 8 players.
  • It is recommended for people over 8 years old, in this way they can learn the rules of Monopoly more easily.
  • The goal of the game is to compete in the purchase and sale of real estate to take over everything, that’s right, absolutely everything! until you invade every piece of land with your own monopoly.
  • Although at the beginning everyone has the same conditions, with the throwing of the dice later than sooner will appear a leader with the highest number of assets that will leave the other players without money until there is only one player left, the lord and master of the financial world.

Now, to explain how Monopoly is played, let’s first talk about the pieces and content of the game:

  • A Board divided into 40 squares
  • 2 dice
  • 28 Title Cards
  • Monopoly Money
  • 12 Hotels
  • 32 Houses
  • 16 Community Chest cards
  • 16 Lucky Cards
  • Instructions

40 squares make up this dynamic board. These boxes have 22 lands designed to build houses, hotels, or whatever you want to build.
It also includes 2 companies that are at the service of everyone; 4 Railway Stations and 8 Compensation Boxes and 1 Penalty Box. Finally, there are the Special Boxes that are located in each corner of the board, which are labeled “Free Parking“; “Exit“; “Visitors Only” and “Go to Jail” in case you might not have had much luck.

Monopoly’s Board

  • Exit: This is the point where the fun begins! Every time you or one of your opponents passes through this box, you are entitled to a $200 payment, as long as you are not in a bad situation and you have to go to prison.
  • Properties: Here you can find railroads, lands and get services like water and electricity. If you come to any property, you will have the opportunity to buy it as long as there is no owner. But if it already has an owner, you will have to pay the established rent, because business is business.
  • Communal or Lucky Box: The player who has the turn to roll the dice, will have to take a card from one of these packages and follow the corresponding instructions to see what financial future awaits him.
  • Taxes: This is the part that no one would want to go through, because it can certainly become a headache for some players. Here, each participant will have to pay the bank 10% of their assets or a valuation of $200.
  • Jail: You could go to jail if by chance the dice take you to this box, or if you pick up a card that sends you there. But, wait! If for some reason you end up in prison, not all is lost. Because you could regain your freedom with these three alternatives: using the ” Get Out of Jail ” card, paying a $50 fine before your next roll, or asking luck to return to your side and get a pair on the dice for one of the next three turns
  • Free parking: There is no doubt that doing business and looking for riches is sometimes a very exhausting task. And even if you don’t receive any money or property when you get to this box, you should know that the game designed this space to take a break from so much business. However, we recommend you not to be in this box at the beginning of the game, although it could become a good strategy later on.
Monopoly: Star Wars The Child Edition Juego de mesa para familias y niños de 8 años en adelante, con el niño, que los fanáticos llaman Baby Yoda
  • Monopoly: Star Wars The Child Edition Juego de mesa para familias y niños a partir de 8 años con el niño que los fans llaman al bebé Yoda
  • Outlet Toys - Accesorios para juegos de mesa
  • Tipo: Juego de mesa PA20232023Marca: Hasbro
  • Color: multicolor

¿How to play Monopoly? Instruction manual

As you roll the dice and move the tokens, you’ll learn how to buy properties, build hotels, and make money in no time at all.

The first thing to do is to place the board on the table and place the Lucky Cards and Community Chest cards face down in the assigned spaces within the board. This is to ensure that no one is tempted to look at the cards too early.

All players will start the game with $1500, which will be dealt in bills of the following denominations:

  • 2x $100 bills
  • 2x $500 bills
  • 2x $50 bills
  • 6x $20 bills
  • 5x $10 bills
  • 5x $5 bills
  • 5x $1 bills

For this part, it is necessary to choose the best administrator of the group because it will be the banker of the game.
And if this person also wants to try his luck and success in business, he will have to keep his money apart from the bank’s funds so that there is no confusion or discussion, because the idea is to have a lot of fun.

If you are reading this and happen to be the banker, you should be very clear about your duties.
The bank is the one that pays the salaries or bonuses. You will also have to bring out all your management skills because you will have to be careful to collect taxes, the value of the properties that are sold or auctioned, the loans with the interest and of course collect the fines, which you will surely have a lot of fun doing.

So, without further ado, we show you the rules and the way to play Monopoly:

  • The player who gets the highest number when rolling the dice will be the lucky one to start the game.
  • Each participant will have to place the token he has chosen to move around the board in the “start” box; then move it to the place that the dice have indicated.
  • Don’t worry if your token falls on the same space as one of your friends’ tokens, because according to the rules of the game that is completely valid.
  • You will have to roll the dice again if one of the dice throws any of the playing cards in the center of the board. And the dropped card is not valid anymore.
  • If you roll the dice and you get a double number you can move your token without any problem. But still, you have to be ready to receive some privilege or maybe a penalty that is related to the square where the chance of the dice has led you.
  • It is important to know that, in the fun of the game, rolling pairs so often isn’t always that good. Because if you get doubles 3 times in a row you will have to go straight to jail.
  • Depending on which box you fall into, you can do one of the following: pay your rent or a tax; go through the “Visiting Prison”, or if luck doesn’t help you, you could fall into “Prison”.
  • You can also buy a piece of land; charge the bank $200 (if you go through the “exit” again, of course); rest a bit in the “Parking Free” box, or finally take a Luck or Community Card to do what is indicated on it. For example, you could pay for a round of drinks for everyone… just kidding!!
  • You need to know that in Monopoly there are 3 types of properties: Utilities, Stations, and Lands. If for any reason you fall into any of these boxes you can buy it, as long as no one else has bought it before.
  • If you or any other player does not want to buy the property you have fallen into, it will go into the public auctions and will be won by the one who pays the most money for it, i.e. the best player in the game.
  • Solar Buildings must be sold to the bank.
  • If you get all your properties to have the same color, you will be able to buy houses and hotels to sell them at the price indicated by each card.
  • A property with houses or hotels is much more valuable! Because the price will increase and you will be able to charge more to the players who pass by. So don’t miss any opportunities to buy hotels or houses.
  • As a good trader, you can sell your possessions to another player at a price that suits you best. This is if not already established.
  • The one who owes more than his money should be declared bankrupt.
  • If your debt is greater than what you have and you owe it to a player, you will have to hand over everything you have, without exception.
  • If you go bankrupt and you own a house or hotel, you will have to turn the property over to the bank, which will pay you half the value of the property. To give that money to the guarantor.
  • If you have a building or property that is mortgaged, and you, unfortunately, go bankrupt, that property will become the property of the player to whom you owe the money. And the new owner will have to pay the bank 10% of the value of that property, for the interest of the loan.
  • No more lending money to another player, that option only belongs to the bank.
  • If you are already broke, but in this case, you don’t owe any player but the bank, guess what? That’s right, you will have to hand over all your assets to the banker, who will put all your properties up for auction except for the buildings.
  • Finally, players who have fallen into the misfortune of bankruptcy will have to leave the game; until there is only one player left and that will mean the end of the game. He will be the new boss of the whole field, the master of the business, and of course he will be disgustingly rich and powerful.

And now that you have come this far and you want to be the owner and master of the business; here at we tell you some tricks to win over Monopoly:

Tricks to Win over Monopoly

  • Avoid buying the most expensive properties. Although it may seem irresistible to buy the most luxurious properties, you will want to avoid them as it is very unlikely that other players will fall in them.
  • If you manage to get a monopoly we recommend you to mortgage everything. That’s right! As crazy as it may seem, borrowing is not always that bad. Why? Because when you have a monopoly and you mortgage the rest, you have the opportunity to spend every penny on building houses. And believe us when we tell you that a monopoly with 2 or 3 houses in each box is much more valuable than a lonely property with a cheap rent.
  • Buy as many orange properties as you can! The chances of players falling into an orange box are very high. And every time someone gets out of jail, it’s very likely that they will pass through an orange box.

And to close with a flourish, since we know you’re a big fan of this game; we show you some of the many versions that Monopoly brings to you, which you can find on Amazon with just one click on these links.

For example, here we leave you The Monopoly Speed version, which will make your games to last less than 10 minutes, so, no more of this long and never-ending matches of Monopoly!

Monopoly Types

The Monopoly franchise has undergone many changes and adaptations since it first came to the market since 1974.

Game of Thrones – Monopoly

As we told you in our article, there are many Game of Thrones Board Games, and Monopoly was not going to be an exception.

One of the best games in history and one of the most successful series on TV in one single scenario. A dragon’s egg, an iron throne, and a three-eyed raven are some of the incredible elements you will find in this version.

You can buy this game at the best price on Amazon:

Monopoly Nintendo Gamer

Ideal for video game lovers. In this fun version of Monopoly, you’ll find your favorite Nintendo characters such as Mario, Link, and Luigi, who could bring you some luck and lead you to victory.

Hasbro C1815 Monopoly Gamer
2.522 Opiniones
Hasbro C1815 Monopoly Gamer
  • Monedas reemplazan dinero Monopoly
  • El troquel de encendido activa habilidades especiales.
  • Batalla legendarios jefes
  • Incluye tablero de juego, 4 fichas de personajes de Nintendo (Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi y Donkey Kong), 4 tarjetas de caracteres, 4 tarjetas de recordatorio, 8 tarjetas de jefe, 16 cartas de escritura de título, 1 troquel numerado, 1 matriz de alimentación, 90 monedas y guía de juegos.

Monopoly Junior

Although the classic version is designed for children over 8 years old, Monopoly Junior is here! You will find a simple and colorful version that is full of surprises. All with the aim of not leaving anyone out of the fun of Monopoly. It also includes an Electronic Bank to make it easier to play!

Here you will find this ideal game for the little ones of the house:

Monopoly Fortnite

Even this great video game created by Epic Games has not been spared from having its own edition of Monopoly.

In this hilarious edition, you’ll have, just like in the game, to get rid of the storm.

And with this we end our guidelines on the most famous board game of all time, Monopoly.

In addition, just in case you want to know more themed-monopoly games, we leave you here a list of the Best-Selling Monopoly Games on Amazon:

If you liked this article, don’t hesitate to share it. And if you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

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