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Cheap Board Games. The Best Games for a Tight Budget

Board games are fantastic: fun, entertaining… some even addictive!
They are also helpful, especially in these modern times where people often dive into an electronic device, and communication between people seems to be lost.

However, as much as we like them (and even need them), it’s not like spending a huge amount of money on board games, and we can often have the same fun with cheap games.

Tranjis Games - Virus! - Juego de cartas (TRG-01vir)
Devir- C√≥digo Secreto Juego de Mesa, Multicolor, √ļnica (BGCOSE)
Devir- Exit 11, La mansión siniestra (BGEXIT11)
Código Secreto
Erradica el virus y boicotea a tus rivales. ¬°Lo pasar√°s en grande!
!Ganes o pierdas vas a querer jugar la revancha!
Tendr√°s que colaborar con tus amigos para resolver un misterio. ¬°Cada partida es √ļnica y s√≥lo se puede jugar una vez!
5.114 Opiniones
587 Opiniones
23 Opiniones
Tranjis Games - Virus! - Juego de cartas (TRG-01vir)
Erradica el virus y boicotea a tus rivales. ¬°Lo pasar√°s en grande!
5.114 Opiniones
Devir- C√≥digo Secreto Juego de Mesa, Multicolor, √ļnica (BGCOSE)
Código Secreto
!Ganes o pierdas vas a querer jugar la revancha!
587 Opiniones
Devir- Exit 11, La mansión siniestra (BGEXIT11)
Tendr√°s que colaborar con tus amigos para resolver un misterio. ¬°Cada partida es √ļnica y s√≥lo se puede jugar una vez!
23 Opiniones

Be aware, some of them are very expensive!

That’s why we think it is better to know which are the cheapest board games available, so we can enjoy them without having to make a big investment.

Besides, if we buy them cheaply, we can obtain a lot of them and build up a good collection of games.

So, at family parties, meetings of friends, or simply when we start playing because we feel like it, we will have a rich variety.

Here we bring you a list of the best board games at low prices, which which are available on Amazon.

Let’s get started!

Board games for less than 20$

To make this list we have sorted the games into two categories, one of less than 20$ and one of less than 15$.

In this list, you will find table games with a maximum price of 20 dollars and a minimum of 15 dollars.

Star Realms

Number of players: 2

Difficulty: Moderate/ Hard

This board game it’s based in the cosmos. The players will fight each other for galactic dominance. To do so, they will have to build their own armies, collecting funds through the practice of interstellar trade.

It’s a fun and interesting game that requires concentration

Crazy Eggz

Number of players: As many as you want.

Difficulty: Easy

Inside a box of eggs, there are some cute little plastic and wooden eggs.
The game instructions will require participants to perform crazy actions: hold the egg with the most unexpected body parts, hatch them, look for them when they are lost, defend them from predators who want to devour them…

It includes role-playing (imitating roosters, chickens, and other animals), comical situations, and, of course, lots of laughs.

It is a very fun game to play with children

Code Names

Number of players: Two teams (with a minimum of 2 players per group)

Difficulty: Moderate

Roleplay where teams compete with each other to find the hidden killer the first.
But each team has spies from the opposite side infiltrated that will have to be discovered in order to win the game.
Progress in the game, and communication between team members, is achieved through riddles and dark symbols that you will have to crack.

This game requires both ingenious and deductive skills.
It is very entertaining and the losers are always hungry for a rematch, so games follow one another.

Devir- C√≥digo Secreto Juego de Mesa, Multicolor, √ļnica (BGCOSE)
587 Opiniones
Devir- C√≥digo Secreto Juego de Mesa, Multicolor, √ļnica (BGCOSE)
  • Adecuado para gente competitiva y cr√≠tica, as√≠ como para los m√°s sueltos
  • De 2 a 8 jugadores
  • Duraci√≥n: 15 minutos
  • Para mayores de 8 a√Īos


Number of players: 2

Difficulty: Easy

Each player creates its own patchwork blanket and, in order to do so, they acquire fabric remnants, buttons, and other accessories that give them an advantage.

When one of them reaches the center of the board, the game is over, and the one who has more surface covered with his patch blanket wins.

Simple, quick game, that can be repeated as many times as you want.
Ideal for playing with children

Rock Paper Wizard

Number of players: 3-6

Difficulty: Easy

The game is made up of a series of cards containing spells.
To cast them, you have to perform some funny and comical finger positions.

In a hilarious Harry Potter-style duel, the contestants will cast their spells, but instead of wands, they will use their own hands, like in the Rock-Paper-Scissors game.
It’s a simple game, which provokes a lot of laughter and releases stress.

You have to try it out!


Number of players: Two teams (with a minimum of 2 players each)

Difficulty Moderate/ Hard

Here’s a great game! Your environment is World War II. Teams will have to create a tunnel and the first team to finish wins the game.

But don’t think it’s that simple… there’s an SS spy on the inside, nobody knows who he is, and he’ll be trying to screw up the tunnel all the time.

If you are detected by that evil agent… your fate will be…DEATH!

GDM Games - Scape
  • Juego de cartas coleccionable, no necesita otras expansiones
  • 2-5 jugadores
  • 3 ‚Äď 14/5 ‚Äď 20 minutos
  • P√ļblico experto

Rhino Hero

La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es scape.png

Number of players: 2-6

Difficulty: Easy

The goal is to build a tower. The tallest one wins. This is done using wall cards and roof cards. As you climb higher and higher into the tower, you’ll have to control as much as possible the construction of the rivals and be careful not to knock down anything because it will take you points away.

HABA 4789 Rhino Hero, Multicolor
  • Un heroico juego de apilamiento 3D
  • Disponible con embalaje en ingl√©s.
  • Dise√Īado para 2 a 5 jugadores.
  • Recomendado a partir de 5 a√Īos.
  • Fabricado en Alemania.


Number of players: 2-8

Difficulty: Moderate

It is an enlightening card game, where you build a timeline based on the correct order of events.

The cards are placed with the date of the event hidden. The players drop the cards, placing them in the order they think is correct.

When you turn them over and see the date, the ones that are misplaced go back to your hand. The one who puts them all correctly wins.

There are variants of this game in many themes: Science and Discovery, Music and Cinema, Inventions, Historical Events… And even one based on the Star Wars saga!

Not Alone

Number of players: 2-7

Difficulty: Moderate

A game that reminds us of the brilliant film “Alien“, an unquestionable classic.

In an epic adventure in space, where players, while studying an unexplored planet, notice that they are not alone.

The explorers must survive the creepy alien that is haunting them, trying to catch it, while the evil creature will try to eliminate them.

It’s a game of strategy, both exciting and appealing.


Number of players: 2-6

Difficulty: Easy

Classified as one of the most complete and cheap role-playing games, Virus! takes place in a hospital where a series of lethal viruses appear.

Doctors will have to eliminate them, but competing with each other, because… everyone wants to earn the credit!

So they’ll be sabotaging the work of their rivals, using even the very same viruses to infect their bodies.

It’s a highly competitive, all-against-all game without mercy.

GAMEFACTORY-¡Peligro de contagio, multicolor (Game Factory 646239) - Versión Alemana (idiomas: Alemán, Italiano y Francés)
  • Virus! Oblicuo, en general, y sin receta.
  • N√ļmero de jugadores: 2-6.
  • Duraci√≥n del juego: aprox. 20 minutos.
  • De la casa Game Factory ‚Äď Juegos para familia y amigos
  • Edad recomendada: a partir de 8 a√Īos.

Story Cubes

Number of players: As many as you want

Difficulty: Easy

Here’s a super fun board game. The dice are rolled and from the elements shown you will have to tell a story.
To play this game you will have to use a lot of imagination and creativity.

Story Cubes is a very entertaining game: Imagine how hard you’ll have to think to correlate things so that you get a coherent story! There will be a lot of nonsense and improvisation.

The Resistance

Number of players: 7

Difficulty: Moderate

The Resistance is a clandestine organization that fights against a dictatorial government.

Infiltrated agents will try to deactivate it, discovering and eliminating its members.

It is a game of secret identities, where it will be necessary to use a lot of cunning, deduction, strategizing, and caution. Everything works, deception, cheating, and betrayal.

Here, to win, you can’t beat around the bush

The Resistance - Juego de Mesa (en inglés)
  • No es para los d√©biles de coraz√≥n, o lenta de la mente - pero si eres r√°pido en sus pies que se sentir√° orgulloso de sus victorias de dura lucha
  • La Resistencia ingeniosamente equilibra elementos deducci√≥n puras con elementos sociales en un juego que crea el momento lleno de adrenalina
  • Durante 5 a 10 jugadores
  • 30 minutos de tiempo de juego
  • Segunda edici√≥n ya est√° disponible con las tarjetas de mayor calidad y todo el mismo gran juego-juego de la primera edici√≥n


Number of players: 5-6

Difficulty: Moderate

It is similar to the previous one, although this one is set in the far wild west.

All the roles are hidden, except for the sheriff.
This is the role that almost everyone will try to kill, but also there are others that want to protect him.

This depends on the role of each character and his abilities.

Each role has a mission that will need to be accomplished at all costs.
Also, this game can be played multiple times since it never loses its charm.

DaVinci Editrice - Bang! (importado)
  • Juego de la diversi√≥n del partido
  • Para 4-7 jugadores
  • Toma alrededor de 30 minutos para jugar
  • Las toneladas de rejugabilidad
  • Juego de la diversi√≥n del partido


Number of players: As many as you want

Difficulty: Moderate

In Saboteur you have to dig a tunnel to get to the gold reserve. Obviously the one who succeeds first wins.

But beware! There’s a saboteur out there, constantly bothering, stopping the growth of these tunnels.

To make matters worse, the players, despite the rivalry, will have to cooperate with each other to confront the saboteur.

Mayfair Games mfg05712¬†‚Ästde Tablero Saboteur
  • A partir de 99¬†a√Īos
  • Duraci√≥n del juego: 99
  • N√ļmero de jugadores: 99

Board games for less than 15 $

As promises are made to keep, here we bring you a list of board games for less than 15 $. Look how cheap and entertaining they are!

Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow: The Village

Number of players: 8-18

Difficulty: Moderate

Ideal for playing in large groups, because it supports many players. The village of Castronegro is terrorized by the werewolf siege.

The villagers unite and cooperate with each other to eliminate them. But…you also have to be careful, because during the day the wolves appear as common villagers. Anyone can be the enemy!

Asmodee The Werewolves of Millers Hollow
  • English language edition of Die Werwlfe vom Dsterwald
  • Age range: 10 and up / Number of players: 8 to 18 / Play time: 30
  • Manufacturer: Asmodee Editions
  • 24 cards:, 4 werewolves, 13 ordinary townsfolk, 1 fortune teller, 1 thief, 1 hunter, 1 cupido, 1 witch, 1 little girl, 1 sheriff


Number of players: 2-10

Difficulty: Easy

Who hasn’t ever shouted UNO? A simple card game. The classic win-win.

There are many themed variations of this game, all very attractive. Here you have the classic one with some Customizable Wild Cards (in where you can draw whatever you want)

This, for example, is a themed Minecraft based, ONLY FOR 5 $ check it out!

Mattel Minecraft Card Game
  • Same as basic UNO but features Minecraft characters and includes special Creeper rule card. Draw this card and the other players have to draw three more cards from the pile!


Number of players: As many as you want

Difficulty: Easy

The tiles are placed on a board, which has hidden images. The players will take target cards, and will have to find the objects indicated on it. In some moments of the game the tiles will change position, to make things more difficult.<

This game exercises the memory and observation capacity. Also the reflexes because… It’s against the clock!

A game of pure adrenaline, where every mistake you make, gives your opponents an advantage.

Hasbro Gaming Gaming Clasico Pictureka (Versi√≥n Espa√Īola) (B0731105)
895 Opiniones
Hasbro Gaming Gaming Clasico Pictureka (Versi√≥n Espa√Īola) (B0731105)
  • 55 tarjetas de misi√≥n para un juego desafiante y divertido
  • Juego de habilidad visual para 2 o m√°s personas
  • Te desaf√≠a a detectar cosas r√°pido
  • Deber√°s encontrar los objetos que la carta elegida te se√Īale


Number of players: As many as you want

Difficulty: Easy

Here it’s all about designing your own sushi recipes. It all depends on your skill, so, with the cards you get, you can create the best menu.

Devir- Sushi Go Juego de Mesa, Multicolor, Miscelanea (BGSUSHI)
714 Opiniones
Devir- Sushi Go Juego de Mesa, Multicolor, Miscelanea (BGSUSHI)
  • Juego de cartas para dise√Īar la propia comida
  • Juego de velocidad, memoria y astucia
  • Duraci√≥n aproximada de la partida: 15 minutos
  • Juego adecuado para pasar el tiempo libre


Number of players: As many as you want

Difficulty: It depends on the one you choose, from easy to expert.

Exit it’s really a series of games. In the style of Escape Room, here we must find the way out. How? By solving clues, by deciphering codes, and by solving riddles. The games in this series each have their own setting and theme, and they’re all amazing.

You should know that they’re for playing ONE TIME.

Firstly because, already knowing the answers, it is not funny to repeat. And secondly, because you will have to use extreme resources, including tearing up pages of the game book, destroying cards… And even the box!

The titles themselves are super-suggestive. Look:

Don’t you feel like playing?

  • Perfect to start (easy ones):
  • The Abandoned Cabin
  • The Mysterious Museum
  • The Sunken Treasure
  • Medium level (increased difficulty):
  • The Forgotten Island
  • The Polar Station
  • The Sinister Mansion
  • The Secret Lab
  • Hard level (highly recommended to try a few of the others first)
  • Dead Man on the Orient Express
  • The Forbidden Castle
  • The Pharaoh‚Äôs Tumb

Don’t you feel like playing?


Number of players: As many as you want

Difficulty: Easy

It’s a board and card game. It consists of finding, in each hand, the symbol identical to the one on your card. You exercise the sharpness of the eye, the slow speed, and the speed of reaction.

It has variants for young children, with simpler symbols, letters, and numbers, which help them in the process of learning at school.

Dungeon Raiders

Number of players: As many as you want

Difficulty: Moderate/ High

Of the classic ‚Äėdungeon games‚Äô. It‚Äôs a cooperative game and very adventurous. You will have to face monsters, find treasure, avoid traps, as you go through the dungeons.

Sometimes you cooperate, sometimes you compete, so there’s no room for boredom. You can even play several times because the characteristics of the dungeons vary.

Devir- Dungeon Raiders, √ļnica (BGHRAI)
69 Opiniones
Devir- Dungeon Raiders, √ļnica (BGHRAI)
  • Para mayores de 8 a√Īos
  • De 3 a 5 jugadores
  • Duraci√≥n 20 min
  • Idioma espa√Īol


Number of players: As many as you want

Difficulty: Easy

Players try to create prosperous and resilient cities, using their characters’ skills wisely. To do this, you will take on a certain role each turn, the one that suits you best. Because Citadels is all about the right thing, and lying is a very common strategy.

A very fun game that is certainly worth playing, the pique is assured!

Asmodee - Ciudadelas Cl√°sico, juego de mesa (Edge Entertainment EDGCTD01) , color/modelo surtido
198 Opiniones
Asmodee - Ciudadelas Cl√°sico, juego de mesa (Edge Entertainment EDGCTD01) , color/modelo surtido
  • El producto representa un juego de tablero
  • Luchas por ser el pr√≥ximo Maestro Constructor del reino, pero antes debes impresionar a la nobleza con tu capacidad para el desarrollo de ciudades, con la ayuda de diversos personajes
  • Contiene 8 cartas de personaje, 68 cartas de distrito, 7 cartas de ayuda de juego, 1 ficha de corona y 30 fichas de monedas de oro
  • La edad m√≠nima recomendada es de 8 a√Īos
  • Es adecuado para 2-10 jugadores

Oh my Goods!


Number of players: As many as you want

Difficulty: Easy

They embody characters of medieval craftsmen, who manufacture goods in a chain. The longer the production chain, the more points.

Asmod√©e-Oh My Goods-Espa√Īol, color (LKGOMG01ES) , color/modelo surtido
3 Opiniones
Asmod√©e-Oh My Goods-Espa√Īol, color (LKGOMG01ES) , color/modelo surtido
  • En la europa medieval, los jugadores se convierten en artesanos que producen una gran variedad de mercanc√≠as distintas; utiliza tus cadenas de producci√≥n para ganar muchos puntos de victoria
  • En oh my goods. Tomar√°s el papel de unos valientes y emprendedores artesanos que desean medrar en el medievo; empezar√°s el juego con una carbonera, un trabajador y un n√ļmero de ayudantes elegidos al azar

As you can see, you don’t have to go broke to enjoy magnificent board games.

Because there are plenty of options without having to ruin your pocket.

In addition to the great prices, consider that most of the games we include here are played in groups, so, among family or friends you can play and pay together.

If you manage to gather many friends you can pay less than three euros per head!

Cooperate, cooperate to buy them… by the way, you will be practicing to face these challenges, where teamwork is many times decisive to win the game.

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