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The Best Roll and Write Board Games

Do you like to play dice games and write down the results? Well, those are the very popular Roll & Write games, simple mechanics games, which require applying strategies to win.

Although they’re all roll and score, you’ll see that there’s no monotony, just an amazing variety of content and rules.

Here is a list of great Roll & Write games, so that you can enjoy this magnificent modality.


To be played by 1-5 people, over 7 years old. Playing time: about 20 minutes.

It is a very simple game: There are 5 numerical dice, and each player has his individual board.
You make a roll, and the results have to be placed on your board, making a combination that you think will give you a good score.
You have 12 different combinations, and you will choose only one, which you cannot repeat. The game comes with an hourglass, to limit the time you have to make the best combination.

When everyone has finished the possible combinations, the points are added up and the one with the highest accumulated score wins.
If you are good with numbers… you will be a NOC5 champion.

HABA-con 5-ESP Juego de Mesa CON5, Multicolor (H305286)
  • Gran Juego en caja PEQUEÑA
  • Juego de buscar y encontrar
  • Juego de observación y rapidez
  • Juego de búsqueda de formas
  • Jugar aprendiendo

Patchwork Doodle

Remember the old patchwork blanket making? Well, this is the basis of Patchwork Doodle.

It’s for 1-6 players, over 8 years old, and the games last 20 minutes.

Here you will have a blank board, which is for you to draw the pieces on your patchwork blanket.
The available pieces will be drawn by card rolls. You must fit one with another, so you take as much space as possible on the board, without leaving gaps.

3 rounds are played, and in each one, the partial points are calculated. At the end of the game, all are added up to define the winner.

Lookout Games LK0107 Patchwork Doodle, varios colores , color/modelo surtido
32 Opiniones
Lookout Games LK0107 Patchwork Doodle, varios colores , color/modelo surtido
  • Patchwork DOODLE es el nuevo prototipo de Uwe Rosenbergs del universo "Patchwork"
  • Centrado alrededor de un nuevo mecánico donde las tarjetas muestran las diferentes piezas de rompecabezas y un dado determina cuál de ellos utilizar, los jugadores los dibujan en su tabla de jugadores de sketchpad.
  • Cada jugador tendrá su propia cuadrícula de 9x9 para rellenar durante el juego. Cada jugador se configura dibujando una tarjeta de poliomino única desde la cubierta inicial, luego dibuja eso en su hoja.
  • Las acciones especiales y la puntuación crean diversidad y tensión. Después de tres rondas rápidas, el nuevo maestro "patchwork" está coronado.
  • De 1 a 6 jugadores, a partir de 8 años, 20 minutos de tiempo de juego.


This game is played from 1 to 6 players, aged over 8 year old, and the games last approximately 20 minutes.

In your turn to play you roll the die, the dice gives numbers and colors.
You choose a combination of both elements, among those offered by the die.
After you, the other players choose.

In your individual board, you have to fill in colored columns, the squares of which have the numbers on the die.
You will do this according to the combinations you choose on each roll.
That’s where you have to be skillful, choosing in a way that is useful for you to advance your fills because that is what gives you points.

When a player completes 2 columns of color, the game is over. The points are added up according to the progress made by each player, and the highest score is awarded.

Devir- Plenus, Juego de Estrategia (BGPLEN)
  • Adecuado para gente competitiva y crítica, así como para los más sueltos
  • De 1 a 6 jugadores
  • Duración: 20 minutos
  • Edad recomendada: 8

That’s pretty clever!

The game is for 1-4 players, over 8 years old, and lasts up to 30 minutes.

The game comes with 6 different colored dice. In your turn, you roll the dice, choose one, and place it on your board, in the space provided.
You cross out a square of the color of the die. Repeat this until you have 3 die on your board.
The other players will take turns rolling the remaining dice, and do the same, rolling and choosing only one.

Then you repeat everything with another active player, who can start the round with all 6 dice.

That way, you will cross out colored squares. Choosing the right die is important because there are special squares that allow you to make combos, i.e. you can cross others out.

Whoever completes their board first wins.


A roll&write to be played by 2 to 5 people, over 8 years old, in games that last up to 15 minutes.

There are 6 colored dice: 2 white,1 yellow, 1 blue, 1 red and 1 green.

An individual board for each player with rows of each color. The squares are numbered from 1 to 12.

In your turn as an active player, you will roll the dice. You say aloud the sum of the 2 white dice.
You decide whether or not it is convenient for you to cross out this value on your white row.
The other players do the same with that value, whether they cross it out or not, as they see fit.

You then take a white dice and add it to the value of 1 of the colored dice. You cross out that result in the corresponding column.

Each round the active player is changed.

When you cross out the last square of a row, if you have at least 5 squares crossed out before that, you mark that row, and the dice of that color is removed from the game.

The game ends:

  • When there are 2 crossed out dice.
  • When 1 player misses 5 times. This means that you cannot choose anything on your rolls because you no longer have any squares on your board to cross out that match your roll.

The player who has accumulated the most points by crossing out squares wins.

Rolling Ranch

The game is designed for 2 or more players and lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Your board is a farm, from which the animals have escaped. You have numbered stalls to put the escaped animals in.

Here all players play on their own side, only the player who throws the dice rotates.

The dice are thrown, and you can make one of these actions:

  • Rescue the animal from the blue dice, put it into the green dice stall. Or the other way around, green animal into the blue stall. You will know which combination suits you, then you draw the animal into the fold that it’s in.
  • Collect the resources that come out on the corners of the dice. You write down the resources in the corresponding space on the board.
  • With those resources, you build stables, warehouses, and greenhouses.
  • If you roll 2 dice with hearts, all the animals that are in pairs in the stalls will reproduce, so you draw more animals.

The game ends when one player fills all the spaces in their folds. Add up the points for animals and constructions to see who wins.


2-4 players, over 8 years old, 20-30 minutes games.

It consists of a common board, scoring sheets, and 12 dice.

Here you’ll be a merchant of the ancient Corinth. You will start playing with a coin and a goat and will have to prosper.

The dice will represent goods coming in through the port and coins.
Each turn you will accumulate goods and coins, buy buildings, set up your shops, depending on what you decide to do with the dice.
You will note everything on your sheet and it will add up to points.

After 6 rounds for 2-3 players, or 4 rounds for 4 players, the game is over, and you will have to add up the points to determine who won.

Days of Wonder DOW8801 Corinth, colores variados , color/modelo surtido
20 Opiniones
Days of Wonder DOW8801 Corinth, colores variados , color/modelo surtido
  • Corinth es un juego de roll-and-write donde los jugadores asumen el papel de los comerciantes que venden sus bienes
  • ¡Los jugadores tienen unas semanas para asegurar su lugar en Corinthian lore como su comerciante más experto!
  • Tome turnos seleccionando grupos de dados para entregar mercancías a tiendas, comprar manadas de cabras o visitar el mercado, registrando su progreso en su bloc de notas
  • Presta mucha atención a lo que están haciendo tus oponentes y elige entre tomar la mejor opción para ti o asegurarte de que tus oponentes no reciban los suyos...
  • De 2 a 4 jugadores | 20 a 30 minutos de tiempo de juego | A partir de 8 años.

Hex Roller

In this game, there are 8 dice with 6 numbered sides. The individual boards have hexagonal squares, some occupied by printed numbers (from 1 to 6) and the others free. They are divided into 7 areas.

The dice are rolled and arranged in blocks of the same value. Each player takes a block and writes down on his board the number of the block, as many times as dice contained in that block.
The numbers scored must always be adjacent to another one of the same value, whether printed or scored, in a chain pattern.

In this way, boxes are filled over the course of 7 rounds.

The points are counted according to the numbers that are repeated the most in each area, the non-use of bonuses, and for making uninterrupted lines of adjacent numbers. The one with the highest count wins.

Sunflower Valley

In Sunflower Valley, they play 2 to 5 people, and the games last about 45 minutes.

The valley has to be populated, filling it with houses, sheep, train lines, sunflowers, inhabitants, and mountains.
These elements come out in rolls of the dice, and you have to be very skillful to place them intelligently and make the connections that score best.

The board itself indicates how the points achieved are calculated.

Railroad Ink

Players: 1-8 players, games lasting 20-30 minutes.

It’s about competing to build the best road and rail network connecting the exits of the board.
The dice will indicate which segments of the board you can use to put in rails or pieces of road.
This way you can expand your network, make it more comprehensive, and maintain continuity.

Points are given for the number of exits that are connected to the same net, for the number of complete nets, and special points for the longest railway line.
But points are also deducted for individual sections. You have to build with good planning.

So, here we leave you with a selection of The Best Roll & Write Board Games.
We recommend that you look at the game that you like best, make a pot among your friends or family, and buy a few because the fun is guaranteed!

You can see more items like this here:

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