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TOP 19 Most Popular Board Games: List with the Classics

Board games have been a source of distraction, entertainment, and even a challenge to our intelligence on many occasions.

Because approximately 5,000 years ago, in various cultures, these games already existed. From painted sticks and stones to carved bones and even a turtleÔÇÖs shell, they served as instruments of entertainment.

Nowadays, there are board games manufactured by companies, so with a couple of clicks we can have them at our fingertips.

And perhaps, one of the most demanded types of board games are the classic games, in which even the smallest of the house can play without any problem and without the need to read the rules.

For this reason, we have dedicated this article to all those who identify more with the classics, creating a list of 19 of the best traditional games that have caused countless laughs, anger, and challenges for several decades.

Monopoly Espa├▒a, Colores Varios
Devir - Catan, Juego de Mesa, 3-4 jugadores, Juego de Mesa Familiar, Juego de Mesa para jugar con Amigos (BGCATAN)
Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit (Versi├│n Espa├▒ola), Multicolor
Mattel Games - UNO Original - Juego de Cartas Familiar - Clásico - Baraja Multicolor de 112 Cartas - De 2 a 10 Jugadores - para Niños y Adultos - Regalo para 7+ Años, W2087
Hasbro Gaming - Clasico Risk Versi├│n Espa├▒ola, para 2 jugadores
Trivial Pursuit
El clásico de los clásicos
Construye, comercia y exp├índete en este estrat├ęgico juego de mesa.
Cl├ísico juego de mesa donde ganar├í el que m├ís cultura general tenga. Atr├ęvete a ser el m├ís listo de la casa
Divertid├şsimo juego de cartas donde tendr├ís que gritar mucho.
Juego clásico donde tendrás que convertirte en el nuevo Napoleón Bonaparte
2.823 Opiniones
De a 2 a 6 jugadores
De 3 a 4 jugadores
De 2 a 6 jugadores
De 2 a 10 jugadores
De 2 a 5 jugadores
Monopoly Espa├▒a, Colores Varios
El clásico de los clásicos
2.823 Opiniones
De a 2 a 6 jugadores
Devir - Catan, Juego de Mesa, 3-4 jugadores, Juego de Mesa Familiar, Juego de Mesa para jugar con Amigos (BGCATAN)
Construye, comercia y exp├índete en este estrat├ęgico juego de mesa.
De 3 a 4 jugadores
Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit (Versi├│n Espa├▒ola), Multicolor
Trivial Pursuit
Cl├ísico juego de mesa donde ganar├í el que m├ís cultura general tenga. Atr├ęvete a ser el m├ís listo de la casa
De 2 a 6 jugadores
Mattel Games - UNO Original - Juego de Cartas Familiar - Clásico - Baraja Multicolor de 112 Cartas - De 2 a 10 Jugadores - para Niños y Adultos - Regalo para 7+ Años, W2087
Divertid├şsimo juego de cartas donde tendr├ís que gritar mucho.
De 2 a 10 jugadores
Hasbro Gaming - Clasico Risk Versi├│n Espa├▒ola, para 2 jugadores
Juego clásico donde tendrás que convertirte en el nuevo Napoleón Bonaparte
De 2 a 5 jugadores

Enjoy 2020 with the 19 Most Typical Board Games

Trivial Pursuit

What year was America discovered? who was the top scorer in the 2014 World Cup? what is the capital of Albania?

Would you like to challenge your general knowledge and that of your friends?

LetÔÇÖs play trivia!

The first thing you have to do is place each checker in the center of the board and roll the dice. The player who rolls the highest number will be the first to start the fun. Inside the board, there is a circle with several different colored squares. Each color corresponds to a theme. That is, if you fall into a blue box, your question will be related to geography, if you fall into a pink box, you will be asked about entertainment, etc.

If you answer correctly, you will be able to advance faster. And if you fall into a special box and donÔÇÖt miss, you will get a scoring token of the color, then you can insert it inside your chip.

Once you have filled in all your pieces with the ÔÇťscoring tokensÔÇŁ, you must be ready for the final question and if your answer is correct, boom! You will become the brains of the group and take the victory.

Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit (Versi├│n Espa├▒ola), Multicolor
  • Trivial Pursuit, edici├│n cl├ísica por Hasbro Gaming
  • Mejora la imaginaci├│n y la creatividad
  • Edad recomendada, a partir de los 16 a├▒os
  • Para una diversi├│n adecuada
  • Entrena tus cualidades


This is a game of life and death, as your mission will be to conquer the world.

So if you consider yourself a competitive person or if you perhaps dream of one day becoming president of some nation, you can start by mastering this game.

The first thing you have to do is find at least 5 of your friends to ÔÇśstart the battleÔÇÖ. Each of you will have to choose an army of the color you like best. These armies are divided into artillery, infantry, and cavalry.

During the game, you will have to attack (using the dice) to conquer the territory of your opponents, but you will also have to defend yourself because you wonÔÇÖt be the only one trying to have absolute control.

So be careful because at any moment you could be betrayed; this is why you must be very clever and look for the best alliances

Let the battle begin and let the best one win!

Hasbro Gaming - Clasico Risk Versi├│n Espa├▒ola, para 2 jugadores
  • Domina el mundo en este juego de conquista estrat├ęgica
  • Presenta figuras actualizadas ÔÇöincluye 300 figuras
  • Las cartas de misi├│n mejoras aumentan la velocidad del juego; incluye 12 misiones secretas
  • El fant├ístico dise├▒o del tablero atrae a los jugadores al juego de dominaci├│n mundial
  • Incluye 5 ba├║les de guerra para guardar las piezas f├ícilmente


juego de mesa clásico tabu dados y cartas

Who has never heard of taboo?

In this classic game, your goal will be for your team to guess the word on the card.

But beware, as you will not be able to say that word or a series of words accompanying this card.

Imagine having to define the sun without being able to say light, star, or bright. Hard, isnÔÇÖt it? You will find out about your language skills playing Tab├║!

Hasbro Gaming A4626105 Juego de Mesa, Multicolor, 26.7 x 20.1 x 5.1
  • Tabu - Hasbro Gaming (Hasbro A4626105)
  • Perder├ís un punto si utilizas alguna de las palabras Tab├║
  • El dado cambia-juego te permite subir de nivel el juego cuando domines la versi├│n cl├ísica
  • Cuando se utiliza alguna de las palabras Tab├║ en la descripci├│n, haz sonar la bocina para que les chirr├şe
  • Proporciona pistas creativas para que tu equipo sea el primero en adivinar las palabras

Game Of Life

This is possibly one of the most classic games in the United States.

ThatÔÇÖs why we believe that in any list that is worthwhile we should find this game, so we have decided to incorporate it into this list.

This game will make you advance through your different life stages, from going to school to deciding to rent or buy a house.

ItÔÇÖs perfect for playing with friends or family, and we think it could perfectly live up to classics like Monopoly

Hasbro Gaming- Game of Life Juego de Mesa, Multicolor, ├║nica (E4304105)
8.426 Opiniones
Hasbro Gaming- Game of Life Juego de Mesa, Multicolor, ├║nica (E4304105)
  • El juego game of life est├í lleno de sorpresas
  • Elige el camino para una vida de acci├│n, aventura y sorpresas inesperadas
  • Los jugadores pueden adoptar mascotas en esta edici├│n
  • Juego familiar


The Twister is another classic game that has made all the homes in the world spend hours of fun with your body.

In Twister you have to spin a roulette wheel that tells you where on the board you have to place your precious limbs.

The goal is as simple as being the one who can stand the longest without falling, is the winner.

With Twister, laughter and fun are assured

Hasbro Gaming Juego Twister para ni├▒os a Partir de 8 a├▒os, Multicolor
  • Twister te desaf├şa a colocar los pies y las manos en sitios diferentes en el tapete sin caerte; s├ę el ├║ltimo jugador que queda en pie para ganar
  • Dos movimientos nuevos
  • Quien gira decide el que gira la ruleta se inventa un movimiento para que los jugadores lo hagan
  • Incluye ideas divertidas en la parte trasera de la ruleta para quien gira decide
  • Si la ruleta cae en aire, el jugador debe dejar una mano o un pie en el aire

Story Cubes

juego clasico dados story cubes

The premise of this game is very simple, you have to roll the beautiful dice that the game has designed, and from what comes out, create a story with them that has logic.

The truth is that it is a very entertaining and simple game, ideal for taking on a trip and playing on the beach, as you can really play a game with the six dice it has.

Very recommended to play with family and children, as it will help them develop their creativity.

Also, it has a price that makes it possibly the cheapest game on this list.

There are many different dices, and therefore, different versions of the game, such as fantasy, actions, or heroes. Another advantage is that as it is a drawing, it is a multi-language game.


Warning: This game was designed by great minds and for great minds. About 2,500 years ago, when people rode horses and lived in mud houses with thatched roofs, an Emperor of China known as ÔÇśPatriarch YaoÔÇÖ invented a board game called ÔÇśGoÔÇÖ that would challenge even the most cultivated minds of the day.

It had such an impact that even the great thinker Confucius Strong told his followers about this game as a strategic board.

The first thing you need to understand is that the Go board is 19├Ś19 squares. It is designed for only 2 opponents who can choose between black or white pieces.

The goal is to invade the board with all your pieces, surrounding your opponentÔÇÖs stones until they are captured or what is known in the classic version of the game as making an ÔÇśAtari-GoÔÇÖ.

Do you accept the challenge?


How would you like to become the most feared captain on the ocean and have more style than Jack Sparrow? Then in this game your goal will be to identify the positions of the enemyÔÇÖs fleets and sink them until they reach the depths of the sea.

First, you must find a friend who is just as cunning and competitive as you are so that you can make the game more exciting. Then you need to count on the 2 boards that have 2 squares with axes of numbers and letters. You can place your fleet either vertically or horizontally, but once you place them in play you canÔÇÖt move them anymore.

The idea is to shoot at your opponentÔÇÖs 5 ships. But donÔÇÖt worry, these arenÔÇÖt literal shots, this game is more strategic than violent.

Every time itÔÇÖs your turn to attack, you will have to indicate the square that is defined by a letter and a number. That is, the upper left box is A-1. If you hit the shot, your opponent will have to place a piece on his fleet or say water in case you missed. And you must mark the successful and failed attacks on your board.

When you have identified the exact position of your enemyÔÇÖs fleets, then you will have sunk his crew and then, guess what?

You will have become the captain of the game!

  • Naval juego de combate est├í dise├▒ado para 2 o m├ís jugadores
  • Hold Enfrentamientos batallas navales
  • Rojo Clavijas Marcos huelgas y blancos de las clavijas Marcar Misses y localice enemys naves, destruye todos los 5 por la victoria
  • acorazado Salvo caracter├şstica le permite iniciar varias huelgas


Mystery, suspense, clues, suspicions, and murder. All this and much more is what you will find in Cluedo.

To play it youÔÇÖll need your pen and notebook because youÔÇÖll become a detective. Keep in mind that you wonÔÇÖt be the only one trying to solve the case, because in this game you could find up to 5 more inspectors.

The first thing to do is to place the characters and weapons in the center of the board, take 3 cards that give a possible track of the place, the object, and the murderer of Dr. Black. Then you must keep the 3 cards that have the truth of the murder in an envelope.

Once you start the game you will have to roll the dice to start to move the character on the board that represents the mansion where the murder happened. Keep in mind that you can only move to each room horizontally or vertically. And here is where you will use your research skills; because if you manage to enter any room you will make a deduction and if any of your companions have any card that matches your hypothesis, they will have to show you the card.

Finally, once you have made all the necessary deductions, someone will be able to launch the final accusation to solve the case. But watch out! Because if after having looked at the envelope the accusation turns out to be false, must be abandoned; and the inspector who succeeds in his hypothesis will become the new Sherlock Holmes.

Hasbro Gaming 38712546 Clasico Cluedo (Versi├│n Espa├▒ola), Multicolor
  • Cluedo - hasbro gaming (hasbro 38712546)
  • Mu├ęvete de una habitaci├│n a otra y descubre qui├ęn lo hizo, d├│nde y con qu├ę arma
  • Investiga, disimula, acusa y gana
  • Nueva versi├│n para dos jugadores que a├▒ade un nuevo toque de intriga
  • La carrera para encontrar al culpable ha comenzado


Who doesnÔÇÖt like the idea of having a lot of money and owning hotels and houses?

This game shows that we have all somehow identified with that little man with the mustache and cane who loves business.

And thatÔÇÖs because buying and selling real estate with Monopoly has been filling family recreation evenings since 1935.

So much has been its impact that there are many versions of the game, sold in 114 countries and in 47 languages. So if you want to show the entrepreneur in you, you must use all your skills as a strategist and businessman to take over all possible properties and become the master of the world.

Monopoly Electronic Banking (Versi├│n Espa├▒ola) (Hasbro B6677105)
  • Monopoly - electronic banking (hasbro b6677105)
  • Introduce las cartas de evento para un emocionante juego
  • El valor de las propiedades sube y baja
  • La tecnolog├şa t├íctil hace que el juego sea m├ís r├ípido y divertido
  • Las tarjetas bancarias registran la riqueza de los jugadores


Do you think you can be the most agile to get a piece out of the tower without destroying it?

In this game you must not only use your mental abilities, but also your physical ones; this is why Jenga is known as a classic ÔÇťparty gameÔÇŁ.

So to start this party you can meet as many friends as you want and try to remove little by little the blocks that make up the tower by taking them to the top.

But watch out! as you try to make it taller it also loses stability

And thereÔÇÖs the thrill of the game!

Because whoever drops the building will surely be the laughingstock of the group. Although there is nothing to worry about, because the idea is to generate emotion, suspense and laughter, lots of laughter.

Games - Jenga (Hasbro A2120E24)
  • Atr├ęvete con este juego de habilidad Retira los bloques de madera de la torre Cuidado, que no se derrumbe o habr├ís perdido Incluye piezas de madera que consiste en levantar una torre lo m├ís alta posible
  • Atr├ęvete con este juego de habilidad. Retira los bloques de madera de la torre pero ┬ícuidado no se derrumbe o habr├ís perdido!
  • Juegos de habilidad


How would you draw the word ÔÇťVehemenceÔÇŁ? ItÔÇÖs not that simple, is it? Well, for this game you will need to use all your creative and artistic skills to give your team more chances to guess.

ThatÔÇÖs right! ItÔÇÖs much more fun and exciting to play Pictionary with several friends and in groups.

While it may seem easy to create a picture to words like ÔÇťheat,ÔÇŁ they wonÔÇÖt always be ordinary terms. And even though most of the time you will have to draw the person who doesnÔÇÖt know how to illustrate that, it will always be one of the classic board games that fill the afternoon with laughter, joy, and excitement.

Mattel Games Pictionary, Juego de Mesa para Dibujar +8 a├▒os, versi├│n espa├▒ol (DKD51)
  • El cl├ísico juego de dibujos r├ípidos desde 1985.
  • No hace falta que seas un artista. De hecho, si se te da mal dibujar, el juego es todav├şa m├ís divertido.
  • El juego incluye dos niveles de pistas (120 para adultos, 80 infantiles), por lo que es perfecto para jugadores de todas las edades.
  • Incluye dos rotuladores de tinta borrable, dos tableros para dibujar que se pueden borrar y una categor├şa de pistas de cultura popular actualizada.


To play Uno we will need cards, but not the typical American cards nor a Spanish deck, we will have to use the UNO deck.

ItÔÇÖs a game where you can change the color, the number, or the turn in a matter of seconds.

So you need to be very attentive to the game of your 2, 4, or even 9 opponents; because they could make you lose your turn or even make you take a lot of cards.

And if you want to win, you have to be very strategic in your game to relate your game to the cards that are chosen at each turn, so that you can get rid of all the cards in your hand and just before you have a single card youÔÇÖll need to sing UNO!

Mattel Games - UNO Original - Juego de Cartas Familiar - Clásico - Baraja Multicolor de 112 Cartas - De 2 a 10 Jugadores - para Niños y Adultos - Regalo para 7+ Años, W2087
  • El cl├ísico juego de cartas de emparejar colores y n├║meros.
  • Las cartas especiales y los comodines le dan m├ís diversi├│n al juego.
  • Usa la carta Intercambio de manos para cambiar todas tus cartas por las de otro jugador.
  • Escribe tus propias reglas de juego con las cartas personalizables.
  • Los jugadores se turnan para jugar una carta de su mano que coincida en color o n├║mero con la ├║ltima carta de la pila de descarte.


With Simon in your hands, it will be impossible for your body not to move. This is definitely a classic ÔÇÖ80s party game. So to the rhythm of the music and the lights (yellow, red, green, or blue) you will have to test your ability to remember sounds, sequences, and colors when you have to repeat the rhythm that Simon says.

So donÔÇÖt hesitate to have a good party with your friends and improve your mental agility to the rhythm of our friend Simon!

Hasbro Gaming Simon Classic (B7962EU4)
  • El cl├ísico juego de Simon
  • Sigue las luces y los sonidos
  • El suspense crece cuando las secuencias se hacen m├ís largas
  • Juega solo o con un amigo
  • ┬íRepite y sigue los movimientos para ganar!


Roll the letter dice and itÔÇÖs time for everybody to start thinking about words like crazy!

This is an ideal game for team play. Here you will have to test your agility and your lexicon by writing a word that starts with the letter that the die indicates and also relates to the category of the group card.

But watch out! The hourglass will make the game more exciting, so you must write as many words as possible.

And the more different they are from the other team, the more likely you are to make your team the masters of words.

Hasbro Gaming- Scattergories Hasbro Juego de Mesa (Versi├│n Espa├▒ola), Multicolor (C1941105)
  • Scattergories de Hasbro
  • Aumenta la imaginaci├│n y la creatividad
  • Para 2 - 6 jugadores
  • Edad recomendada: a partir de 13 a├▒os


For this game, you must be very careful and watch out because the board could change when you least expect it.

Catan is a classic board game that has become a world wonder, being recreated even as a PC game.

Here you must build roads, towns, and cities with the purpose of colonizing the richest island in natural resources.

So you must put your negotiating skills to the best use, be very cunning and strategic if you want to be the strongest colonizer of your friends.

Devir - Catan, Juego de Mesa, 3-4 jugadores, Juego de Mesa Familiar, Juego de Mesa para jugar con Amigos (BGCATAN)
  • Premio Spiel des Jahres 1995
  • Un juego que implica atenci├│n e estrategia
  • Duraci├│n aproximada de la partida 75 min
  • Recomendado para 3 o 4 jugadores Edad recomendada +10 a├▒os
  • Premio Spiel des Jahres 1995

Party & Co

If youÔÇÖve played Pictionary, Trivial, or Tabu this game will be a piece of cake for you because you could say itÔÇÖs a remix of all of them.

Ideally, you should play in pairs, choose the color, roll the dice, and let the fun begin!

Each grid has a color that identifies the test or category.

There your partner must take a card that will tell him whether to draw, mime, lip-read or play the forbidden words. And while he or she gives their best effort by being creative, you should be very agile and guess in the shortest time possible.

But be careful to say the forbidden word while trying to decipher! Because you might lose points. So both teams will have to be very clever and use their imaginations to the fullest at the time of playing Party. Because of the more successes they have, they can get a record and if they get to 5, they must be ready for the last test to get a juicy victory.

Diset - Party & Co Original - Juego adulto multiprueba, de 2 a 8 jugadores, a partir de 14 a├▒os
  • Primera versi├│n Party&Co, el juego multipruebas m├ís divertido para disfrutar con amigos; para ganar tendr├ís que superar una pregunta de cada una de las 5 categor├şas existentes y una prueba final
  • Las cinco pruebas del juego son: las marcas, m├şmica y sonidos, la pregunta, a dibujar y palabras prohibidas
  • N├║mero de jugadores: m├íximo 4 equipos de 2 a 5 personas por cada uno
  • Contenido: 400 tarjetas de preguntas, 1 dispensador de tarjetas, 1 tablero, 4 peones gram├│fonos y 20 discos, 1 bloc, 1 l├ípiz, 1 dado, 1 reloj de arena y instrucciones de juego
  • Habilidades que desarrolla: capacidad de comunicaci├│n y visualizaci├│n y juego en equipo


It is very rare to find only 2 people playing Bingo, when in fact it has filled a large number of people with fun at family, business or popular gatherings.

WhatÔÇÖs fun about this dynamic is that itÔÇÖs simple. You will simply have to be very attentive to the chips that the guide sings; to cover all the squares of your cardboard that coincide with the numbers and letters of each row and column.

Without a doubt, this is a classic of classics, and who doesnÔÇÖt have a good time full of laughter and suspense trying to fill up the board to shout ÔÇťBingo!

Falomir - Juego de Mesa Bingo XXL con Bombo Automático y Bolas Imborrables | Para 8 años | Multicolor | Juega en Familia o con Amigos
  • ­čÄ▓ Disfruta de la diversi├│n a lo grande con el Bingo XXL de Falomir. Con su formato extra grande, este juego de mesa aporta una nueva dimensi├│n a las tardes de bingo en familia o entre amigos. Sus bolas imborrables garantizan una larga vida ├║til
  • ­čöä Bombo autom├ítico para un juego fluido. Olv├şdate de girar el bombo manualmente. Con el Bingo XXL de Falomir, una bola sale autom├íticamente en cada vuelta, manteniendo el ritmo del juego y evitando pausas innecesarias
  • ­čÄü Kit completo para jugar al bingo. Este set incluye todo lo necesario para jugar al bingo. un bombo, 90 n├║meros y 48 cartones. Solo necesitas a tus compa├▒eros de juego y ┬ía disfrutar!
  • ­čîł Multicolor y atractivo. Con su dise├▒o colorido, este juego de bingo XXL atraer├í la atenci├│n de todos. Adem├ís, su material de pl├ístico es resistente y f├ícil de limpiar
  • ­čÄ» Ideal para todas las edades. Aunque el Bingo XXL de Falomir est├í recomendado para mayores de 8 a├▒os, es un juego que pueden disfrutar tanto los m├ís peque├▒os como los adultos. Perfecto para reuniones familiares, fiestas o simplemente para pasar una tarde divertida


Are you crafty with numbers? Well, hereÔÇÖs your chance to show your friends how easy it is to win in this game.

A very classic game, easy to play and designed for any age.

First, you need to know that each tile is divided into 2 spaces where a number from 0 to 6 can appear. Then, you and your 3 friends, (because there can be a maximum of 4), must each take 7 tiles. But watch out! None of you can see each otherÔÇÖs chips, otherwise, it wouldnÔÇÖt be as much fun.

The one with the pair of the highest number starts. That is the double 6. Next, another player must throw a chip that has some 6. Then the next player must place a chip that matches the last number that the previous player has placed and so on.

If itÔÇÖs your turn and you donÔÇÖt have a chip that matches the last number placed; you must take pieces until you get the number you need to place on the table.

In case your chips run out, you must close the game and add up the numbers of each piece. Finally, the one who runs out of chips or the one who has the lowest number after adding up will be the winner.

Falomir Dominó Marfil, Juego de Mesa, Clásicos, 20 x 42 x 7 cm (27918)
  • Juego de domin├│ marfil
  • Caja de pl├ístico con tapa transparente
  • Fichas de 2,1 x 4,2 x 0,7cm

So, if you want to immerse yourself in the world of words, numbers, business, battles, mystery and give a touch of grace and excitement to your meetings with your friends, you only have to make a very small investment.

All these classic board games and many more can be found on Amazon at an amazing price!

HereÔÇÖs a list of The Best-Selling Board Games

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