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The Best Board Games of Mistery and Terror

We are undoubtedly facing a series of games that will keep all the members of the group on edge throughout the process, and these are the games with Mystery and Horror themes.

This category includes games that aim to solve riddles and mysteries, such as murders, disappearances, and a wide variety of crimes.

We will also see in the list those games that are immersed in an atmosphere of horror, whose dynamic is usually the survival, and the fight against wicked monsters.

We leave you with what would make up our TOP Mystery and Horror Games:


From the creators of Dixit, we bring you a game that you will surely love!

A man has been murdered in a mansion. One of the players will be the ghost of the deceased, who will try to convey messages from the beyond to the investigators, to help them discover what happened to him.

The rest of the players will be the investigators. The ghost will give them clues, by means of vision cards, and from them, the investigators will select suspects, weapons, and places. The right combination of these three elements will be the solution to the mystery.

Players: 2-7

Duration: 45 min


In this game, you and the other players will be secret agents in the carnival of Venice, with a mission to fulfill. The most interesting thing is that the mission can only be accomplished by working together with your partner, but you will not know who it is…nor will you know the mission.

So you have to start by finding out who your partner is, through a series of clues. Then, discover what the mission is, and finally, fulfill it. All of this, taking care not to reveal your identity or that of your partner.

Players: 4

Duration: 1 hour

Devir- Juego de Mesa Inkognito, única (BGINKO)
  • Tipo de producto: juego de mesa de deducción creado por Alex Randolph y Leo Colovini
  • Número de jugadores: 3 - 5
  • Duración aproximada de la partida: 60 minutos
  • Edad recomendada: 13 años y más
  • Juego adecuado para pasar el tiempo libre

Arkham Noir

A peculiarity of this game is that it is made to be played alone. It’s good that you can count on it, because that way, not having partners to play with won’t mean you’ll get bored.

Students start dying in a university. The police are asking for your cooperation in the investigation.
You’ll have to be very nimble because it turns out that both the suspects and the clues fade away after a while.

So you’ll have to act quickly, to collect the evidence before they disappear. After you have all the evidence, you’ll complete the final puzzle. Also against the clock!

Players: 1

Duration: 30 min

Letters from Whitechapel

In this magnificent game you can choose to play the role of the most famous assassin in history, Jack the Ripper, or be part of the team of investigators who are chasing him. If you’re the Ripper, your goal is to collect one victim each night (out of the 4 during the game), and if you’re an investigator your mission will be to collect clues to catch Jack and stop him from killing any more.

Players: 2-6

Duration: 60 min

Fantasy Flight Games VA88 Letters from Whitechapel (Revised Edition) Board Game
  • Un juego de mesa de "todos contra uno" de intriga y deducción.
  • La gran exactitud histórica en la que está ambientada el juego contribuye a enriquecer su temática.
  • Tiempo de juego: 120 minutos.
  • A partir de 13 años.
  • Para 2 a 6 jugadores.

Holmes, Sherlock & Mycroft

There’s an explosion in the English Parliament, someone has planted a bomb.
The suspect is Michael Chapman, and the police will hire Mycroft Holmes to help prove his guilt.
The family of the accused, on the other hand, hires the other Holmes brother, the famous detective Sherlock, to do just the opposite, to prove his innocence. You can choose which of the Holmes brothers you want to play.

Is Chapman guilty or innocent? The game is designed so that there are enough arguments to support either theory. It all depends on who’s most skilled at gathering evidence.

Players: 2

Duration: 30 min

Black Orchestra: Hitler must die

It’s a cooperative game where you have to plot to kill Hitler. Any of the conspirators that are discovered die.
In this game, decisions define the course of the match.

Don’t miss this opportunity to prevent the Nazi phenomenon from reaching its worst consequences…

Players: 1-5

Duration: 90 min

Scotland Yard

A great game of chase and flight. One player will play the character of Mr. X, and the rest will be a group of policemen.
The elusive Mr. X runs away using taxis, buses, or subways, and the cops will have to set traps, decoys, and cooperatively plot skirmishes to catch him.

Players: 3-6

Duration: 45 min


Anyone who has not played the game Clue as a child has not had a childhood!

In this game you have to solve murders. At first you take a suspect card, a room card, and a murder weapon card, and put them in the Secret Envelope. Then the players analyze rooms, and proposals for solutions are made.

When a player thinks he’s solved the case, he throws in an accusation, like this: The killer is… he did it in the room… and he used the weapon…
The Secret Envelope is checked, and if the combination is correct, he has won the game. If the combination is wrong, this player is eliminated.

Players: 3-6

Duration: 40 min

Fury of Dracula

In this game, one player embodies the famous Count Dracula, whose goal is to spread the darkness of his domain throughout Europe, escaping his pursuers all the time.
To do so, he performs actions such as: creating more vampires, setting traps, turning himself into a wolf, a bat or even fog, and placing rumor chips to throw off his enemies.

The rest of the players will be the pursuers, playing Mina, Dr. Seward, Lord Godalming, or Van Helsing, who will move during the day to try to corner Dracula.

There will be violent battles, which are fought through combat cards, over 6 rounds with lots of action.

What would you like more, to be the cruel vampire, or to help hunt him down?

Players: 2-5

Duration: 2-3 h

Furia de Drácula
  • 2 a 5 jugadores.
  • A partir de 10 años
  • Duración: 180 '
  • Año: 2006
  • - Traducción francesa incluida

Legendary Encounters: Alien

If you’re a fan of the Alien saga, this is a game you can’t ignore, because it has the ability to reflect the atmosphere of these films amazingly and convey the feeling of tension and anguish experienced by these movies. It has 4 scenarios, based on the 4 parts of the saga.

It’s a difficult game, where cooperation is fundamental.
The playing cards can be joined together, forming decks, to create more effective action combos.
There is the elimination of players, not all of them will reach the end, which is logical when it comes to dealing with the most hostile kind out there.

If you receive a “face-hugging” card, and you don’t get rid of the repulsive bug, you will be impregnated, and if later, while still impregnated, you receive a “chest-bursting” card, you will end up dead.

Players: 1-5

Duration: 90 min

ADC Blackfire Entretenimiento UD82438 - Encuentros Legendary - Un mazo Alien Edificio Juego, Inglés
37 Opiniones
ADC Blackfire Entretenimiento UD82438 - Encuentros Legendary - Un mazo Alien Edificio Juego, Inglés
  • Juego cooperativo, en la misma línea que Marvel Legendary, basado en la saga Alien
  • Los jugadores deben trabajar codo a codo para derrotar a los temibles Aliens
  • El juego contará con protagonistas como Ripley, Dallas, Hicks o Bishop
  • El juego básico incluye más de 500 cartas con ilustraciones originales
  • Además de un tapete para organizar el juego y el reglamento en inglés

And these would our Top Horror and Mystery Board Games list! We hope you don’t suffer too much or have a bad time, we know these games can be mysterious and scary, but they will surely give you a good time! If you miss any boardgame, leave it in the comments!

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