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Backgammon Rules

Backgammon is a board game that combines luck and logic. This game, which has its origins in the ancient desert soils of Iran and Iraq, has been so popular among fans for more than 5000 years that it has been spreading throughout the various Mediterranean, American and European cultures.

Backgammon is a board game that does not discriminate against any age.
With just knowing how to count, you can enter a world of strategy and fate, where adventure and fun will only be a part of what this pastime can offer you.

As you may know, at, we love to collect the best board games, to make your life much more fun and interesting.
So obviously we couldn’t miss out on Backgammon!
So we encourage you to stay until the end to learn everything you need to know about this game of strategy and luck; its rules, the way to play it, and the tricks that will undoubtedly make you an expert.

That’s all, let’s start this adventure of logic and fate.

Backgammon Board, a Game of Strategy and Luck

  • On the rectangular backgammon board, you’ll find 24 triangles, also known as squares or peaks.
  • Each player will have 15 checkers, some black and some white. They must be placed according to the roll of the dice.
  • The game includes 2 cups, 5 dice, one of which is designed for betting.
  • As we said before, this game for 2 players is designed for all ages. You just have to know how to count and you will see that the rules are so easy that once you learn them, you will not stop playing backgammon.
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Backgammon Rules

Before we get into the rules and movement of the pieces, you should know that the 24 triangles of the backgammon board are divided into 2 parts, which are located to the right and left of each player, which are separated by a line or a bar and in turn are grouped as follows:

  • The first six peaks form an inner quadrant, an inner board, or a home board.
  • The next peaks (from 7 to 12) are the ones that form the outer board or the outer quadrant.

The goal of the game is to get all your checkers off the board by moving them to the opposite side of your starting point. Now, in order to start the game, you must place 5 checkers on point 24; 2 on square or peak 13; 3 on triangle number 8 and 3 on number 6.

After this, you and your opponent will have to roll one of your 2 dice. Because in the game of backgammon, each player has 2 dice that have a different color from the opposite player’s dice so as not to get confused.
And the one who has rolled the highest value can start the game, using that same roll to move his checkers.
And if for reasons of fate, both players roll the same number when one of their dice is rolled, they will have to roll again until one of them rolls the higher number.

Piece Moves

In order for you and your opponent to start moving the checkers, you will have to take turns rolling the dice.
When it’s your turn, you can move one or more of your checkers, according to the score you have achieved with the dice. To make it clearer, we’ll give you an example.

Let’s say you rolled the dice and got a 3 on one and a 6 on the other:

  • Move your piece 3 squares and 6 with another one.
  • Advance first 6 squares and then 3 with the same checker.

However, be careful! Because if you decide to make the move with only one checker, you will not be able to move 9 squares from one.
Because, as a rule, you will have to move 6 squares first and then 3 squares or vice versa.

Now, what do you do when you roll your dice and get equal numbers? Well, we tell you that you are in a lucky mood because when you get equal numbers on the dice, it is valued as a double roll and the lucky player, will have the opportunity to move his pieces as if he had gotten equal numbers with the four dice.
In other words, if you rolled a pair of 2 dice, you can move your checkers two squares forward, four times in a single game.

Square Occupied

If one of the squares you want to reach has at least two of your opponent’s chips, you will not be able to place your chip on that peak. For this reason, we tell you when you can move your checkers without a problem.

  • When the square is occupied, but the checkers are yours
  • When your opponent has only one piece inside that box
  • When the peak or box is empty

Capture your opponent’s pieces

You capture an opponent’s checker when one of your checkers lands on the same square as the opposing checker.

And when you have captured it, you must place it on the bar or in the center of the board, thus being out of the game, but with the possibility of returning.

Clearing the Captured Checkers

If you or the opposing player have not had a good game because you have one or more captured checkers, you must, as a rule, try to put them back into the game before you can move the other checkers that are not captured.

So, how do you get them out? Simple. Just roll the dice and move your captured checker to an empty square.
However, every time you release a checker, it will have to enter the game from the end of your opponent’s home board.

Well, if for some reason you can’t move your captured checkers to an empty square, because all the peaks are occupied, unfortunately, you won’t be able to clear your checkers and you’ll have to wait until your next turn to try again.

Removing Checks

Since the goal of Backgammon is to get all your checkers off the board in order to win the game, you will have to get all your checkers on your home board in order to do so.
Now, it is also important for you to know that once you have removed a checker, it cannot be brought back into the board for any reason.

And if your opponent is very clever and manages to capture one of your checkers when you are in the process of removing it from the board, you will not be able to continue removing your checkers until you have managed to free the one that has been caught and put it back into your home board.

How to Score in Backgammon

The thrill of this game is not only in the score but in the bets, you can make during the development of this dynamic.
To begin with, you can bet one point on whoever wins the first game. And obviously, the player who manages to get all the chips off the board before his opponent will be the one to take that point.

However, there is a way to spice up the game a little bit and that is to double the bet at any time during the game.
At that point the opponent has two options: Quit the game and lose the point, or be a little risky, accept the challenge and double the bet until the best man wins.

Now, if you want to put even more excitement into the game, you can double the bet again, but in order to do that, you had to accept the first double.
Finally, whoever has managed to get all their chips out before their opponent (after having them all in their home board), will be the absolute winner and will take all the points they had bet.

How to Win at Backgammon

Finally, we hope you have enjoyed this article to the fullest and also made the most of it. Now, we’ll tell you that there are 3 ways to win in Backgammon:

  • The easiest way is when you get all your chips out before your opponent. In this case, you will get the point of the game.
  • When you remove all your checkers and the opposing player has not been able to remove a single one. In that case, you get 2 points at the end of the game.
  • Without doubling the stakes, you can take 3 points in a single game, when your opponent has part of his checkers in your home board and you have managed to remove all of yours from the game board.

Without a doubt, at, we love this kind of board games, full of challenges, strategy, and luck.
That’s why we’ve shared with you everything you need to know about Backgammon so you can challenge your friends as much as you want.
And if you don’t have the game yet, we tell you that on Amazon, you can find it very easily and at a very good price.

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